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Roosendal Attractions and Distance Calculations
Roosendal is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Roosendal
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1294 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1248 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 639 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 896 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1518 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 820 Km
Direct Distance from Roosendal to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1533 Km
Roads Near Roosendal
Roads / Streets in RoosendalRoad Length
Aandblom Square 092m
Aarbossie Crescent 307m
Aasblom Square 17m
Alberta Weg 446m
Alcantara Crescent 406m
Ashley Way 314m
Aspeling Road 169m
Aster Crescent 363m
Avila Street 165m
Baxley Crescent 148m
Bergbessie Square 219m
Bergroos Road 332m
Berland Crescent 146m
Bigstone Street 233m
Bletterman Crescent 16m
Cadotte Street 222m
Cando Street 044m
Canterbury Close 045m
Cauvin Close 053m
Constitution Street 217m
Cordoba Street 052m
Cowley Close 051m
Dassiebos Square 093m
De Villiers Street 435m
Delft Main Road 498m
Diepwater Main Road 927m
Doublom Crescent 708m
Eckard Close 106m
Ellesmere Close 058m
Ertjiebos Straat 24m
Exeter Lane 071m
Eyeberry Crescent 448m
Feather Lane 077m
Firebag Street 25m
Fluweel Blom Square 13m
Froetang Crescent 439m
Gawa Samuel 041m
Gerald Morkel Street 044m
Goodeve Crescent 646m
Grainger Close 086m
Gray Close 094m
Hanekom Crescent 482m
Hangklip Road 347m
Harrington Way 73m
Herandien Street 041m
Heuningbos Crescent 646m
Hurricane Street 093m
Justifina Close 167m
Kalossie Crescent 466m
Kaneelblom Crescent 163m
Kasba Street 401m
Kent Street 268m
Keurtjie Crescent 153m
Klipvygie Crescent 154m
Koringblom Street 493m
Kuils River Freeway 9.894Km
Kuyper Crescent 3m
Lakpypie Close 092m
Langkloof Slot 117m
Lanternheide Square 07m
Leeubekkie Crescent 274m
Lowry Close 074m
Maartlelie Crescent 418m
Maclear Way 595m
Madonna Street 269m
Madonnalelie Crescent 207m
Marthinus Van Shalkwyk Road 774m
Maskerblom Singel 136m
Mcgregor Close 11m
Midnight Street 058m
Mielieheide Close 05m
Milton Lane 123m
Molenvliet Weg 101m
Monclavia Crescent 338m
Montcello Street 865m
Mount Close 139m
Nastergal Crescent 904m
Newport Close 069m
Noordpol Crescent 417m
Noorsdoring Crescent 191m
Norfolk Close 07m
Oktoberlelie Crescent 238m
Onderbos Plein 092m
Oumakappie Close 039m
Papierblom Crescent 154m
Papkuil Close 037m
Patrysblom Close 041m
Pedersen Crescent 228m
Pendoring Crescent 333m
Perdebos Close 032m
Perth Close 106m
Platdoring Crescent 191m
Platteklip Close 024m
Platteklip Crescent 159m
Pokkiesdoring Crescent 25m
Pontac Way 51m
Poproos Crescent 477m
Poublom Square 143m
Premier Slot 03m
Primrose Street 33m
Pruimbas Crescent 216m
Ramenas Square 034m
Reindeer Crescent 072m
Richwood Crescent 178m
Rooikappie Singel 048m
Roosendaal Road 1.724Km
Roostou Crescent 447m
Rutger Crescent 557m
Rygbossie Crescent 3m
Samson Crescent 023m
Sandui Crescent 222m
Searle Road 153m
Smokey Crescent 118m
Springfield Street 118m
Stellenbosch Road 6.043Km
Sterretjie Crescent 175m
Syblom Crescent 163m
Teeruintjie Square 076m
Tolletjie Crescent 248m
Tontel Crescent 271m
Trewwa Square 149m
Tulp Crescent 675m
Uintjie Crescent 426m
Valsheide Crescent 163m
Veerhede Crescent 155m
Veldvy Crescent 353m
Vleiroos Square 112m
Vuurlelie Crescent 053m
Vygie Crescent 252m
Waaiertjie Crescent 312m
Washeide Square 155m
Waterberry Street 456m
Waterblom Main Road 357m
Waterheide Square 153m
Wesbank Main Road 93m
Westbank Main Road 754m
Wielblom Close 043m
Windflower Street 419m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Roosendal and their distance from Roosendal
Banks in RoosendalLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in RoosendalLatitude Longitude
Belhar SAPS-33.947000618.6487443
Delft SAPS-33.974646918.6422610
Take Aways in RoosendalLatitude Longitude
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