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Rooihuiskraal Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rooihuiskraal is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Rooihuiskraal
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1293 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 523 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 931 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 405 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 287 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 460 Km
Direct Distance from Rooihuiskraal to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 257 Km
Roads Near Rooihuiskraal
Roads / Streets in RooihuiskraalRoad Length
a 123m
Arend Avenue 275m
Avocet Avenue 465m
Babblers Place 189m
Barbet Road 625m
Berghaan Avenue 563m
Blue Jay Road 581m
Boelboel Road 372m
Bokmakierie Road 1.077Km
Boskraai Avenue 094m
Bosloerie Avenue 673m
Brenda Street 29m
Bunting Place 047m
Byvanger Road 341m
Christiaan De Wet Road 47m
Claudia Street 073m
Dikkop Avenue 29m
Edwin Conroy Road 598m
Erica Circle 247m
Flap Place 066m
Fonteine Avenue 513m
Fret Avenue 298m
Frieda Street 354m
Gompou Corner 052m
Hadeda Crescent 569m
Harrier Street 379m
Hofsanger Road 1.263Km
Hornbill Avenue 1.607Km
Houtkapper Drive 436m
Jan Kemp Road 1.088Km
Klipkraal Road 344m
Knoet Road 612m
Koester Avenue 32m
Koggelaar Road 733m
Korhaan Avenue 124m
Kraanvo?½l Drive 844m
Kwartel Crescent 473m
Makou Avenue 313m
Manie Maritz Road 188m
Maraboe Avenue 2.096Km
Muisvo?½l Crescent 483m
Nagtegaal Avenue 337m
Nellmapius Drive 1.014Km
Old Jhannesburg Road 297m
Old Johannesburg Road 2.757Km
Opperman Road 294m
Panorama Road 3.507Km
Pelican Avenue 552m
Petrel Road 486m
Phalarope Street 724m
Pirion Place 041m
Pitta Street 398m
Prinia Street 572m
Puffback Street 56m
Rietsanger Avenue 372m
Robin Place 052m
Rooihuiskraal Road 3.959Km
Sandgrouse Road 446m
Sarel Baard Crescent No 1 294m
Sarel Baard Street 274m
Shrike Avenue 232m
Skimmer Street 1.131Km
Slagveld Road 336m
Suikerbekkie Road 1.015Km
Swallow Street 357m
Tapuit Road 456m
Tiptol Corner 21m
Tobie Road 388m
Tree Pipet Avenue 265m
Uitsig Drive 1.67Km
Valk Avenue 451m
Visvanger Avenue 519m
Vlakvo?½ltjie Avenue 388m
Vleiloerie Road 413m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Rooihuiskraal and their distance from Rooihuiskraal
Banks in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
J.A. Greyling-25.895334528.1497887
Cafes in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
The Pet & Coffeshop-25.879855928.1599277
Chemists in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Alpha Pharm-25.893799428.1373658
Hospitals in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Medi Park-25.894350128.1429008
Panorama Animal Clinic-25.893360828.1366397
Nursery Schools in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Regio Pre-School-25.892950128.1388165
Die Speel Skooltjie-25.878966328.1557378
Petrol Stations in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Emmaus Baptist Church-25.890123828.1530746
NG Rooihuiskraal-25.896780028.1484300
Post Offices in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
The Reeds-25.894184028.1423431
Pubs in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
The Brazen Head-25.884279528.1625009
Snake & Reeds-25.907710028.1408000
Restaurants in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Xing Long-25.884288228.1623046
Pizza Perfect-25.907004528.1628229
The Rasoi-25.907962228.1408627
Royal Swagat-25.907429028.1632212
Take Aways in RooihuiskraalLatitude Longitude
Something Fishy-25.884161728.1623439
Sandwich Baron-25.907264928.1629369
Sausage Saloons-25.907455928.1630921
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