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Rondebosch Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rondebosch is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Rondebosch
Distance from Rondebosch to Atlantis
Distance from Rondebosch to Brackenfell
Distance from Rondebosch to Christiaan Barnard Street
Distance from Rondebosch to City Bowl
Distance from Rondebosch to Constantia
Distance from Rondebosch to Diep River
Distance from Rondebosch to Durbanville
Distance from Rondebosch to Epping
Distance from Rondebosch to Goedemoed
Distance from Rondebosch to Hout Bay
Distance from Rondebosch to Newlands Stadium
Distance from Rondebosch to Observatory
Roads Near Rondebosch
Roads / Streets in RondeboschRoad Length
Aan de Weide 194m
Abbotsleigh Road 136m
Aberdeen Road 389m
Albion Road 296m
Argyle Road 298m
Avenue de Mist 877m
Bain Court 128m
Balintore Road 283m
Berram Road 368m
Bertram Crescent 166m
Birkett Road 53m
Brookwood Road 105m
Burger Road 076m
Campground Road 1.032Km
Canigou Avenue 448m
Columbine Road 441m
Coniston Road 461m
Dawn Road 073m
De Quellerie Road 252m
Dulverton Road 474m
Dumbarton Road 258m
Dundee Road 131m
Epworth Road 175m
Esmar Street 136m
Eveleigh Way 092m
Fife Road 132m
Firlands Road 269m
Gables Way 193m
Garton Road 414m
Glebe Road 272m
Glendale Crescent 086m
Glenthorne Lane 095m
Greenbank Road 379m
Greenways 209m
Harlequin Road 273m
Heseldon Road 394m
Ivydene Avenue 199m
Jamieson Road 697m
Kendah Road 106m
Keurboom Road 672m
Kilgetty Road 205m
Kromboom Parkway 856m
Kromboom Road 535m
Lancaster Road 224m
Lanyon Road 073m
Lavenham Road 251m
Lea Road 178m
Leith Street 189m
Links Road 266m
Lister Road 195m
Locarno Road 115m
Lochiel Road 432m
Lutgens Road 189m
Malcolm Road 314m
Marsh Road 206m
Matapan Road 266m
Mayfield Avenue 581m
Milner Road 1.128Km
Mosman Road 482m
Muir Close 071m
Muir Road 703m
Mulvihal Road 28m
Myrtle Road 161m
Norton Road 143m
Oakhurst Avenue 77m
Oakhurst Close 08m
Oakley Road 129m
Oakvale Road 219m
Orkney Street 106m
Orrscroft Road 143m
Oxenham Court 069m
Palmyra Road 261m
Perth Road 128m
Pinewood Road 164m
Pitlochry Road 164m
Portland Road 506m
Prideaux Road 29m
Riverton Road 1.079Km
Ross Road 153m
Rouwkoop Avenue 219m
Rouwkoop Road 349m
Rover Road 482m
Sandown Road 1.883Km
Sangrove Drive 26m
Saxon Road 241m
Shaw Road 095m
Shetland Street 116m
Silwood Road 579m
Springfield Road 097m
Squirrels Way 166m
St. Andrews Road 476m
Sunnybrae Road 406m
Swanmore Road 172m
Syfrets Road 298m
The Lane 05m
Trinity Lane 136m
Tullyallen Crescent 078m
Tullyallen Road 409m
Twyford Road 091m
Vredenhof 123m
Wakefield Road 218m
Weltevreden Avenue 1.042Km
Westbury Road 096m
Wood Road 443m
Woodlands Road 101m
Woodside Court 098m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Rondebosch and their distance from Rondebosch
Bus Stops in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Chemists in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Colleges in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Varsity College-33.960269518.4719304
Fountains in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Fountain-33.961478118.4701093
Guest Houses in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Little Scotia-33.959096818.4694531
Librarys in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Public Library-33.961456418.4718187
Petrol Stations in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Brooke Chapel-33.963499818.4819387
War Memeorial Chapel-33.963862618.4813892
Rondebosch United Church-33.960535218.4743807
Athlone Methodist-33.960037518.5055792
Police Stations in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Athlone SAPS-33.961562618.5071882
Post Offices in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Pubs in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Springbok Pub-33.973547218.4677176
Restaurants in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
The Hussar Grill-33.959142918.4706750
Schools in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Diocesan College-33.963236918.4823620
Diocesn College Pre-Prep-33.964151818.4786482
Little Bosch-33.974393818.4796465
Stations in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Swimming Pools in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in RondeboschLatitude Longitude
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