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Rietrivier Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rietrivier is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Rietrivier
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 517 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 482 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1280 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 701 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 468 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 466 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 616 Km
Direct Distance from Rietrivier to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 659 Km
Roads Near Rietrivier
Roads / Streets in RietrivierRoad Length
121653 Street 12m
121654 Street 132m
121655 Street 294m
121920 Street 122m
20300 Street 169m
20301 Street 207m
20302 Street 297m
20303 Street 682m
20304 Street 131m
20305 Street 203m
20306 Street 396m
20307 Street 057m
20308 Street 112m
20309 Street 086m
20310 Street 249m
20311 Street 041m
20312 Street 04m
20313 Street 027m
20314 Street 041m
20315 Street 879m
20316 Street 368m
20317 Street 059m
20318 Street 035m
20319 Street 035m
20320 Street 498m
20321 Street 048m
20322 Street 061m
20323 Street 082m
20324 Street 714m
20325 Street 121m
20326 Street 203m
20327 Street 083m
20328 Street 127m
20329 Street 056m
20330 Street 168m
20331 Street 108m
20332 Street 289m
20333 Street 275m
20334 Street 113m
20335 Street 061m
60104 Track 32m
60105 Track 335m
610132 Street 1.125Km
610215 Street 123m
610216 Street 135m
610217 Street 124m
610218 Street 114m
610219 Street 296m
610221 Street 069m
610222 Street 064m
610223 Street 059m
610224 Street 061m
610225 Street 519m
610229 Street 951m
610230 Street 055m
610231 Street 059m
610232 Street 375m
610233 Street 121m
610234 Street 106m
610235 Street 148m
610236 Street 062m
610237 Street 197m
610238 Street 149m
610239 Street 109m
610240 Street 071m
610241 Street 07m
610242 Street 08m
610243 Street 073m
610244 Street 063m
610246 Street 055m
610247 Street 053m
610248 Street 064m
610249 Street 059m
610250 Street 308m
610251 Street 204m
610252 Street 087m
610253 Street 09m
610254 Street 109m
610255 Street 18m
610256 Street 12m
610257 Street 395m
610258 Street 106m
610259 Street 059m
610260 Street 009m
610261 Street 16m
Almond Lane 188m
Amblepalm Place 188m
Arolla Place 183m
Ashpark Place 067m
Aspen Link 137m
Balepalm Close 11m
Bamboopalm Road 135m
Bottlepalm Place 155m
Cairnpark Close 179m
Camelia End 107m
Camelthorn Place 311m
Camphor Close 091m
Cinamon Place 106m
Clover Lane 103m
Commonpark Close 108m
Coral Terrace 295m
Coralpalm Close 135m
Deendaval Road 13m
Deltapalm Gardens 316m
Desertpalm Gardens 982m
Drakepalm Road 288m
Durapark Close 063m
Dutchmanor Close 077m
Eaglepalm Close 134m
Eaglepark Avenue 283m
Easterpalm Place 103m
Elmpalm Close 073m
Evepalm Close 122m
Fanpalm Gardens 701m
Ferapalm Close 089m
Firpalm Close 112m
Florapalm Place 109m
Fullpalm Street 979m
Furrowpalm Close 093m
Gravelpalm Road 137m
Hemlock End 13m
Highmanor Grove 238m
Hydepark Circle 241m
Islandpalm Close 117m
Iverpalm Place 095m
Jampalm Place 124m
Juniper Road 236m
Katsura Place 408m
Kissoon Road 324m
Kranpalm Close 116m
Ladlepalm Cresent 444m
Leafpalm Place 12m
Lemonwood Road 187m
Link Road 066m
Maple Drive 1.37Km
Marula Circle 1.748Km
Mercury Drive 595m
Metropark Place 194m
Modelpark Place 202m
Nettlepalm Gardens 289m
Norrispark Place 2m
Nutmeg Place 324m
Ocean Oyster Lane 376m
Ocean Ridge Drive 032m
Ocean Wave Lane 34m
Oilpalm Place 11m
Parkmanor Road 065m
Paxpalm Road 244m
Peacepalm Close 092m
Peacepark Place 127m
Penpark Place 067m
Permpark Place 082m
Petalpalm Place 115m
Petalpark Place 292m
Pinemanor Place 068m
Quilpalm Avenue 665m
Ragpalm Gardens 175m
Ravenpark Way 168m
Redwood Road 155m
Regentpark Gardens 246m
Rosemanor Cresent 338m
Rushpark Place 09m
Sablepalm Place 129m
Saturn Road 452m
Soyapalm Place 103m
Sportpark Close 333m
Steepmanor Place 075m
Swiftpalm Place 22m
Toledopark Place 127m
Treepalm Road 302m
Trenance Drive 1.332Km
Trimpark Place 067m
Uppermanor Place 085m
Vanpark Place 05m
Venus Road 743m
Wadepark Close 074m
Waferpalm Place 093m
Walnut Grove 206m
Waypark Place 062m
Willow Close 416m
Yardpark Close 063m
Yellowwood Place 157m
Yeopalm Place 076m
Yorkpalm Close 09m
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