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Riebeek-Kasteel Attractions and Distance Calculations
Riebeek-Kasteel is a village in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Riebeek-Kasteel
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Bellville Velodrome
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Malmesbury
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Malmesbury
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Port Elizabeth
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Swellendam
Distance from Riebeek-Kasteel to Tulbagh
Roads Near Riebeek-Kasteel
Roads / Streets in Riebeek-KasteelRoad Length
Barlinka 226m
Bloem 468m
Booysenstraat 117m
Fontein 683m
Hermon 1.141Km
Heuvel 298m
Kasteel 126m
Kloof 1.355Km
Kloovenburg 107m
Kloovenburg Pastorie 097m
Mareestraat 227m
Parkstraat 298m
Piet Retief 1.011Km
Pleinstraat 12m
Roosstraat 491m
Royal Street 508m
Sarel Cilliers 676m
Skoolstraat 5m
Van Meerhof Street 098m
Van Riebeek 1.123Km
Walter 36m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Riebeek-Kasteel and their distance from Riebeek-Kasteel
Cafes in Riebeek-KasteelLatitude Longitude
Wicked Bakery-33.384418118.8961100
Guest Houses in Riebeek-KasteelLatitude Longitude
Shiraz Estate Guesthouse-33.384795418.9073848
Hotels in Riebeek-KasteelLatitude Longitude
Royal Hotel-33.382964218.8966975
Restaurants in Riebeek-KasteelLatitude Longitude
Kos & Kuns-33.384278018.8960232
Caf Felix-33.383353618.8912034
Tourist Attractions in Riebeek-KasteelLatitude Longitude
Voortrekker Memorial-33.383801918.8956609
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