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Retreat Attractions and Distance Calculations
Retreat is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Retreat
Distance from Retreat to Beaufort West
Roads Near Retreat
Roads / Streets in RetreatRoad Length
Ardleigh Road 463m
Ashville Crescent 275m
Baptist Street 157m
Bayard Street 16m
Bishop Street 157m
Canal Road 423m
Carlton Lane 185m
Charity Road 145m
Consort Road 317m
Domingo Road 261m
Edmonton Close 053m
Edmonton Road 309m
Eighth Avenue 792m
Eleventh Avenue 1.102Km
Fortuin Street 399m
Francke Street 069m
Frans Maroney Street 395m
Gail Road 571m
Golden Avenue 58m
Hudson Road 217m
Humility Close 032m
Ivy Price Road 177m
Leytonstone Road 195m
Liberty Road 175m
Lilian Road 207m
Loch Road 334m
Metropolitan Road 137m
Ninth Avenue 61m
Pieterse Close 048m
Retreat Road 625m
Sasmeer Road 478m
Scottsville Road 32m
Second Avenue 1.94Km
Seventh Avenue 985m
Silver Road 067m
Sixth Avenue 392m
Southgate Road 363m
Sylvester Road 19m
Temperance Road 134m
Tenth Avenue 1.218Km
Third Avenue 2.037Km
Tolerance Road 155m
Unity Road 258m
Velma Road 089m
Victory Road 364m
Wessel Crescent 243m
Yubel Road 066m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Retreat and their distance from Retreat
Place of Worships in RetreatLatitude Longitude
Old Apostolic Church-34.051521518.4620043
Masjid Ahmediyah-34.043236018.4917858
Police Stations in RetreatLatitude Longitude
Grassy Park SAPS-34.048729918.4953578
Restaurants in RetreatLatitude Longitude
Stations in RetreatLatitude Longitude
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