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Randpark Ridge Attractions and Distance Calculations
Randpark Ridge is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Randpark Ridge
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Balfour
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Bapsfontein
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Bulawayo
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Centurion
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Dundee
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Ruimsig
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Sandton City
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Simmonds Street
Distance from Randpark Ridge to Strydompark
Roads Near Randpark Ridge
Roads / Streets in Randpark RidgeRoad Length
Aalwyn Street 535m
Abelia Street 073m
Agave Street 061m
Anaboom Street 083m
Apiesdoring Avenue 333m
Appleblaar Avenue 42m
Asgaai Avenue 77m
Beyers Naude Drive 162m
Boekenhout Avenue 282m
Boschkop Avenue 1.116Km
Brunner Avenue 173m
Burton Place 056m
Carob Street 471m
Chaplin Avenue 342m
Cycad Street 095m
Driedoring Street 1m
Enkeldoring Street 531m
Flamboyant Street 336m
Frangipani Crescent 481m
Gardenia Street 53m
Geelhout Road 362m
Haakdoring Avenue 631m
Hibuscus Street 1m
Holly 047m
Huilboom Street 404m
Juniper Street 148m
Karee Street 708m
Katdoring Street 335m
Kersboom Road 221m
Kiaat Street 391m
Klapperboom Avenue 1.05Km
Kokerboom Street 107m
Koorsboom Street 111m
Le Roux Avenue 262m
Lilac Street 049m
Medlar Road 1.084Km
Molope Road 943m
Mopani Road 241m
Myrtle Street 11m
Nell Avenue 579m
Njala Street 317m
Olienhout Avenue 417m
Oudoring Avenue 332m
Ouhout Place 109m
Palmiet Street 1m
Pome Granate Street 134m
Populier Street 224m
Prinia Avenue 274m
Privet Circle 414m
Rabie Street 2.811Km
Rosyntjiebos Street 493m
Sambreelboom Avenue 375m
Seder Street 1.414Km
Selonsroos Street 116m
Sering Street 177m
Stinkhout Avenue 203m
Suikerbos Avenue 872m
Swarthaak Street 173m
Swie Avenue 156m
Tamarisk Street 116m
Tiptol Avenue 616m
Tolbos Street 299m
Tureluur Avenue 417m
Waboom Street 615m
Wayne Avenue 385m
Western Bypass 3.794Km
Witels Place 071m
Yew Place 021m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Randpark Ridge and their distance from Randpark Ridge
Banks in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Cafes in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Chemists in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Medicare Pharmacy-26.085550027.9474100
Hospitals in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Bromhof Medical Centre-26.085698327.9474563
Petrol Stations in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
BP Oasis-26.114737027.9549990
BP Kariba Motors-26.102954927.9728451
BP Oasis-26.115018227.9525742
Place of Worships in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
The Barn-26.089050027.9471300
German Church-26.115171827.9484834
Pubs in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
The Keg and Countryman-26.086484727.9583171
Restaurants in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Primi Piatti-26.095145927.9433192
Schools in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Rand Park Primary School-26.099450327.9552162
Rand Park High School-26.093409127.9581022
Take Aways in Randpark RidgeLatitude Longitude
Fortune Kitchen-26.085810027.9472600
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