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Quigney Attractions and Distance Calculations
Quigney is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Quigney
Direct Distance from Quigney to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 808 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 757 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 885 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 458 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 462 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 890 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 564 Km
Direct Distance from Quigney to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1025 Km
Roads Near Quigney
Roads / Streets in QuigneyRoad Length
Angle Street 312m
Aquarium Road 398m
Blaine Street 172m
Bonanza Street 362m
Brighton Street 518m
Browning Street 157m
Buffalo Park Drive 801m
Cadwallan Road 279m
Campbell Street 062m
Caxton Street 1.043Km
Chambers Street 153m
Clifford Street 338m
Commercial Road 1.023Km
Court Crescent 21m
Courts Street 489m
Cowper Street 156m
Currie Street 998m
Dunn Street 201m
Dyer Place 059m
Dyer Street 595m
Esplanade Street 1.634Km
Fitzpatrick Road 2.016Km
Fleet Street 1.832Km
Ganteaume Crescent 394m
Golden Avenue 082m
Goldschmidt Street 361m
Hely Hutchinson Road 688m
Hillview Road 381m
Inverleith Terrace 928m
Jameson Street 285m
John Bailie Road 043m
Longfellow Street 961m
Lower Esplanade Street 474m
Malcolmess Street 427m
Marine Terrace 287m
Mashona Terrace 119m
Mill Street 151m
Moore Street 1.163Km
Norden Street 171m
Orient Road 653m
Paterson Road 873m
Prior Crescent 322m
Quanza Street 287m
Quigney 188m
Quigney Road 445m
Recreation Road 818m
Rees Street 44m
Rhodes Street 1.004Km
Seaview Terrace 322m
Signal Street 516m
Station Street 827m
Stephenson Street 081m
Symons Street 161m
Tennyson Street 874m
Thorne Street 015m
Tilney Street 179m
Tutton Terrace 599m
Upper Esplanade Road 242m
Valley Road 93m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Quigney and their distance from Quigney
Aquariums in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
East London Aquarium-33.016989327.9207325
Fire Stations in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
Fleet Street-33.018845927.9088071
Hotels in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
Kennaway Hotel-33.017628027.9197455
Majestic Boutique Hotel-33.021343427.9140807
Garden Court-33.010826727.9201318
Memorials in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
German Settlers Memorial-33.015823827.9204270
John Bailie Memorial-33.023961127.9119456
Museums in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
Gately House Museum-33.018928427.9013233
Petrol Stations in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
BP Buffalo Street-33.012617227.9015523
Place of Worships in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
First City Baptist Church-33.007172627.9006837
Post Offices in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
West Bank Post Office-33.031142027.9097259
Restaurants in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
Schools in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
President Primary-33.020686727.9121709
College Street Primary-33.015300627.9000163
Laerskool Grens-33.006408227.9028788
Hoerskool Grens-33.000872427.9147769
St. Johns Road Primary-33.009452627.8963207
Stations in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
East London-33.016703727.9076043
Swimming Pools in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
Orient Swimming Pool-33.022198027.9172993
Take Aways in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
The Windmill-33.011620027.9197219
Kentucky Fried Chicken-33.019096227.9062361
Theatres in QuigneyLatitude Longitude
The Arts Theatre-33.008186927.9032462
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