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Protea Hoogte Attractions and Distance Calculations
Protea Hoogte is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Protea Hoogte
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1286 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1239 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1246 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 634 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 888 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1509 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 812 Km
Direct Distance from Protea Hoogte to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1524 Km
Roads Near Protea Hoogte
Roads / Streets in Protea HoogteRoad Length
Aalwyn Slot 073m
Akkerdal Slot 047m
Alberta Straat 521m
Almond Crescent 394m
Amy Close 066m
Angelier Straat 918m
Angus Street 198m
Aster Road 2m
Avondrust Straat 387m
Basset Street 507m
Beethoven Street 251m
Berggans Straat 163m
Bersig Street 565m
Blaker Crescent 278m
Blinkwater Slot 12m
Blombos Crescent 425m
Bobby Close 067m
Boegoe Close 034m
Bracken Street 578m
Brackenfell Boulevard 1.458Km
Buitekant Straat 947m
Buitekant Street 628m
Carissa Close 071m
Champagne Street 222m
Chopin Street 072m
Clio Close 032m
Cox Crescent 292m
Debora Close 089m
Denza Straat 069m
Dicoma Close 137m
Donato Straat 236m
Doringboom Straat 506m
Dorrey Street 163m
Dozi Close 03m
Duvorak Street 387m
Ernest Crescent 23m
Eugenie Crescent 229m
Fidelio Crescent 347m
Firgrove Crescent 269m
Franck Street 17m
Frolich Street 1m
Hanepoot Singel 162m
Hayden Street 097m
Hazendal Close 033m
Hebro Crescent 273m
Helderzicht Street 071m
Helling Street 1.374Km
Hereford Street 227m
Herta Crescent 435m
Heuwelzicht Straat 145m
Hoopenberg Straat 729m
Hoopenberg Street 165m
Hout Street 1m
Jacaranda Street 1.439Km
Joubert Street 383m
Kalossie Street 203m
Kamdeboo Street 539m
Karmel Street 465m
Karoobos Straat 696m
Keurboom Street 551m
King Road 162m
Kison Street 228m
Klawervlei Straat 151m
Kloofzicht Straat 142m
Kolgans 312m
Kruin Street 2.207Km
Kruipmol Singel 122m
Kruis Straat 1.421Km
Kwaker Slot 029m
Lamento Slot 223m
Largo Crescent 369m
Lark Close 046m
Loots Street 236m
Lotus Close 075m
Louisvale Straat 349m
Meron Crescent 212m
Monte Rosa Street 578m
Myburg Slot 114m
Nana Close 136m
Nebo Street 433m
Olien Straat 131m
Olienhout Street 483m
Olyvenbosch Close 318m
Palmiet Straat 194m
Perryn Street 479m
Pieter Straat 095m
Plettenberg Straat 126m
Plover Street 056m
Populier Straat 187m
Raats Straat 189m
Raven Close 188m
Raymond Street 347m
Regal Avenue 117m
Remo Close 102m
Riana Straat 278m
Riet Street 101m
Rissik Slot 03m
Robbie Street 155m
Ronelle Street 466m
Sauvignon Straat 282m
Schubert Street 25m
Serenata Crescent 627m
Sinai Close 054m
Skemerzicht Slot 187m
Skilpad Close 045m
Solero Close 093m
Soneke Close 049m
Sonzicht Slot 116m
Spruit Crescent 168m
St Malo Close 043m
Stinkhout Straat 186m
Strachen Close 114m
Strauss Street 249m
Sussex Street 062m
Suzanne Crescent 2m
Taaibos Close 095m
Torino Crescent 181m
Tuscan Crescent 298m
Valleizicht Street 337m
Vergenoeg Street 1.332Km
Waaigras Straat 184m
Wagner Street 174m
Walton Street 099m
Windell Street 218m
Withaak Slot 047m
Ysterwater Straat 205m
Zandberg Street 231m
Zanddrift Close 047m
Zinnia Street 098m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Protea Hoogte and their distance from Protea Hoogte
Banks in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Brackenfell Fire Station-33.878129918.7076745
Petrol Stations in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Schools in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Bastion Primary School-33.887045718.6988018
Stations in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in Protea HoogteLatitude Longitude
Scooters Piza-33.889624018.6892492
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