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Plumstead Attractions and Distance Calculations
Plumstead is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Plumstead
Distance from Plumstead to Avondstil
Distance from Plumstead to Crawford
Distance from Plumstead to Durbanville
Distance from Plumstead to Hermon
Distance from Plumstead to Lourensford Wine Estate
Distance from Plumstead to V
Roads Near Plumstead
Roads / Streets in PlumsteadRoad Length
Abbey Road 332m
Ainslie Road 296m
Ashbury Road 454m
Barnett Road 232m
Basil Road 1.107Km
Bath Road 284m
Bega Road 261m
Berry Lane 202m
Berry Road 227m
Blenheim Road 202m
Brampton Road 655m
Brent Road 351m
Bute Road 298m
Cheddar Road 315m
Chudleigh Road 1.487Km
Churchill Road 1.864Km
Clare Road 266m
Connemara Road 433m
Constantia Road 053m
Culm Road 227m
Dalegarth Road 364m
Dawlish Road 295m
Delany Road 234m
Dick Burton Street 1.05Km
Douglas Road 36m
Dragoon Road 91m
Duif Road 066m
Eden Road 353m
Evremonde Road 1.626Km
Exeter Road 89m
Exmouth Road 679m
Fairway Avenue 691m
Fifth Avenue 564m
Firfield Road 434m
Flora Road 078m
Forbes Road 269m
Fourth Avenue 727m
Garden Street 296m
Gary Road 062m
Golf Road 062m
Goran Road 197m
Hayes Road 222m
Hayro Road 067m
Hemyock Road 24m
Holmdene Road 251m
Honiton Road 503m
Humberstone Road 169m
Kenneth Road 126m
Kerry Road 106m
Kinsale Road 165m
Kirkwood Road 135m
Kromboom Parkway 3.803Km
Lester Road 341m
Lidford Road 366m
Liverpool Street 194m
Lower Bath Road 239m
Lympleigh Road 1.599Km
Main Road 071m
Market Road 138m
Mars Road 255m
Medway Road 935m
Melville Road 99m
Meyer Street 337m
Milford Road 1.804Km
Morpeth Road 254m
Mortlake Road 216m
Morton Road 362m
Mourne Road 096m
Munster Road 098m
Napier Road 147m
Ophir Road 659m
Ottery Road 1.701Km
Ottery Road Service Road 584m
Palatine Road 574m
Park Road 855m
Pitt Street 18m
Platoon Road 089m
Pluto Road 1.705Km
Plympton Road 277m
Portswood Road 215m
Prince George Drive 1.993Km
Prince George Drive Service Road 1.122Km
Princess Vlei Road 875m
Rorke Road 339m
Ross Road 367m
Rotherfield Road 1.454Km
Sawle Road 214m
Seventh Avenue 51m
Severn Road 1.212Km
Sidbury Road 257m
Silverton Road 346m
Sixth Avenue 582m
Smiths Road 351m
South Road 896m
Southfield Road 1.39Km
Stella Road 1.544Km
Stilton Road 064m
Stirling Road 288m
Stranton Road 06m
Third Avenue 797m
Thirlmere Road 221m
Thornbury Road 175m
Tiverton Road 1.354Km
Topsham Road 71m
Totnes Road 1.313Km
Trentham Road 305m
Troop Road 1m
Twine Road 194m
Tyne Road 065m
Tynemouth Road 1.099Km
Ulster Road 112m
Union Road 332m
Victoria Road 1.24Km
Victoria Road Service Road 15m
Victory Road 135m
Village Green Close 097m
Waterbury Road 238m
Wedge Road 062m
Woodgate Road 1.369Km
Woodley Road 1.767Km
Yvonne Road 158m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Plumstead and their distance from Plumstead
Banks in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Luxurama Theatre-34.012802518.4725527
Fire Stations in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Fire Station-34.004553118.4789309
Librarys in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Public Library-34.005252118.4676589
Police Stations in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Diep River SAPS-34.031487118.4648787
Recycling Depots in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Municipal refuse depot-34.005235818.4799889
Restaurants in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Spur Restaurant-34.022578618.4683956
Schools in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Shiloah Christian School-34.008818618.4709218
Stations in PlumsteadLatitude Longitude
Diep River-34.035439218.4670469
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