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Plattekloof Attractions and Distance Calculations
Plattekloof is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Plattekloof
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1293 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1246 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1256 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 645 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 896 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1517 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 818 Km
Direct Distance from Plattekloof to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1531 Km
Roads Near Plattekloof
Roads / Streets in PlattekloofRoad Length
A P Burger Avenue 432m
Akasia Avenue 44m
Amandelboom Street 393m
Aristia Close 043m
Astrid Close 093m
Aurea Close 224m
Bergsig 059m
Bloekom Avenue 141m
Bloulelie Crescent 454m
Boekenhout Crescent 387m
Bordeaux Crescent 4m
Braambos Close 119m
Buchu Close 079m
Carissa Close 2m
Dorp Street 232m
Eike Avenue 342m
Essenhout Crescent 629m
Franschhoek Crescent 509m
Freesia Close 137m
Fynbos Close 417m
Geelbos Close 099m
Geelhout Crescent 386m
Gousblom Close 195m
Graaff Way 498m
Heide Close 167m
Heldersig Street 204m
Hennie Winterbach Street 1.068Km
Heuwelsig Street 082m
Iris Close 094m
Ixia Close 042m
Jasmyn Close 129m
Jim Fouche Avenue 72m
Kandelaar Close 072m
Karee Close 065m
Keurboom Crescent 1.946Km
Kiepersol Close 108m
Klapperbos Close 113m
Kreupelhout Close 096m
La Motte Crescent 123m
Lorea Close 094m
Maartblom Close 091m
Maroela Close 076m
Melkhout Crescent 645m
Meyboom Avenue 592m
Mimosa Crescent 407m
Mopanie Street 467m
Olienhout Avenue 1.326Km
Olyf Avenue 199m
Paarl Street 32m
Palm Close 068m
Panorama Medi-Clinic 672m
Pen Kotze Avenue 444m
Plattekloof Road 1.204Km
Privet Street 083m
Rachel Bloch Avenue 577m
Rooiels Close 097m
Rothschild Boulevard 806m
Seder Avenue 755m
Senecio Close 139m
Sering Street 681m
Serruria Close 273m
Silwerboom Avenue 1.061Km
Sipres Crescent 235m
Skoonsig Street 062m
Somerset Street 197m
Sonnedou Close 101m
Suikerbos Crescent 419m
Suring Close 071m
Swarthout Crescent 572m
Taaibos Close 061m
Tafelsig Street 085m
Tambotie Crescent 328m
Tecoma Crescent 66m
Tolbos Close 17m
Uitsig Street 091m
Uys Krige Drive 2.812Km
Van Nierop Crescent 259m
Vlamboom Crescent 294m
Waboom Close 354m
Watsonia Close 165m
Wilger Road 065m
Ysterhout Close 108m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Plattekloof and their distance from Plattekloof
Cafes in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
Caf Chameleon-33.873794318.5783384
Cellphone Towers in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
Tygerberg Mast-33.874886118.5956821
Chemists in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
Information Centres in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
No Entry sign-33.870488918.5966434
Induli Trail Signpost-33.863686418.5877253
No Entry sign-33.864211218.5911770
Post Offices in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
Post Office-33.883307618.5823189
Restaurants in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
De Kelder-33.874048118.5787461
Cattle Baron-33.874097018.5784080
Col Cacchio-33.865330818.5712986
Chinook Spur-33.865395418.5711592
Black Steer-33.865451118.5710090
Stations in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
De Grendel-33.893478918.5787389
Take Aways in PlattekloofLatitude Longitude
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