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Pierre van Ryneveld Attractions and Distance Calculations
Pierre van Ryneveld is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Pierre van Ryneveld
Distance from Pierre van Ryneveld to Brooklyn Mall
Roads Near Pierre van Ryneveld
Roads / Streets in Pierre van RyneveldRoad Length
Altimeter Road 067m
Andries Brink Road 163m
Appelblaar Avenue 112m
Avian Avenue 357m
Baltimore Street 628m
Beauchamp Proctor Avenue 615m
Beaufighter Road 041m
Bilbo Court 027m
Blaine Road 195m
Blenheim Road 311m
Boekhorst Street 072m
Boneschans Street 4m
Bourne Road 096m
Boyle Street 163m
Brand Avenue 408m
Broeksma Road 09m
Canberra Road 081m
Catalina Road 323m
Chroom Street 237m
Collyer Avenue 392m
Coly Street 05m
Concerto Crescent 195m
Condon Avenue 191m
Cresswell Road 343m
Cuff Road 06m
Daniel Road 245m
Delta Street 239m
Dioriet Street 071m
Durrant Avenue 198m
Etosha Place 057m
Faulds Avenue 083m
Fouche Road 646m
Fury Road 286m
Garlicke Crescent 774m
Gimnasium Road 392m
Gladiator Road 288m
Grap Place 051m
Grysbok Place 052m
Hercules Road 293m
Holthouse Road 053m
Hurricane Road 298m
Huws Place 143m
Jacobus de Villiers Avenue 421m
Jim Verster Avenue 57m
Kens Place 051m
Kirkness Avenue 1.814Km
Kittyhawk Road 298m
Kompas Road 067m
Kwarts Street 059m
Limonite Street 065m
Mackenzie Road 045m
Malati Place 05m
Manie Botha Avenue 374m
Mansvelt Street 19m
Martin Road 084m
Median Street 239m
Melville Avenue 1.274Km
Mentz Road 272m
Miller Road 309m
Mustang Avenue 2.619Km
Noriet Street 406m
Norton Avenue 086m
Papierbas Street 36m
Piano Place 063m
Pieter Botha Avenue 345m
Pirow Road 214m
Polka Place 041m
Pyrites Street 227m
Smythe Avenue 074m
Sorrel Place 039m
Steyn Road 044m
Stoffberg Street 168m
Theron Road 2.046Km
Tooks Corner 198m
Vacy Lyle Street 83m
Van Der Spuy Road 329m
Van Pommeren Street 245m
Van Ryneveld Avenue 2.168Km
Veenemans Street 217m
Vegkop Place 038m
Veglaer Street 455m
Venter Road 191m
Verwoerd Avenue 926m
Viljoen Road 338m
Vorster Avenue 1.209Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Pierre van Ryneveld and their distance from Pierre van Ryneveld
Chemists in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Doctors in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Dr CM Henning-25.839014028.2390150
Dr J Cronj-25.839226028.2390790
Nursery Schools in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Alcona Spur-25.836598628.2525420
Ocean Basket-25.836434428.2538938
Take Aways in Pierre van RyneveldLatitude Longitude
Pizza Perfect-25.836520428.2538851
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