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Persequor Attractions and Distance Calculations
Persequor is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Persequor
Distance from Persequor to Hatfield
Distance from Persequor to Lynnwood
Roads Near Persequor
Roads / Streets in PersequorRoad Length
Aaron Klug 239m
Allan Cormack 411m
CSIR North Entrance 144m
CSIR South Entrance 338m
De Havilland Crescent 598m
General Van Ryneveld Street 233m
Helperis Street 075m
Hotel Street 402m
Innovation Hub Drive 922m
Johan Coetzer 139m
Mark Shuttleworth 188m
Max Theiler 418m
Meiring Naude Road 3.04Km
Michael Thackeray 081m
Mike Melvill 066m
Monty Pratley 366m
Percy Amoils 086m
Quentin Brand Street 381m
Rory Byrne 218m
Sappers Contour 1.304Km
Sydney Brenner 212m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Persequor and their distance from Persequor
Cafes in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Creations Caf-25.745863928.2781541
Car Rentals in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Dentists in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Konrad Le Roux-25.754320228.2890950
Guest Houses in PersequorLatitude Longitude
The Talking Feather-25.748311428.2889948
Tambotie Lodge-25.750200028.2890700
Nursery Schools in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Crayon Kids-25.750555528.2823976
Petrol Stations in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Pubs in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Le Si - Casa Toscana-25.758883028.2758900
Take Aways in PersequorLatitude Longitude
Vetkoek Maleis-25.728245328.2762080
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