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Pellissier Attractions and Distance Calculations
Pellissier is a suburb in South Africa, Free State
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Distance Calculations from Pellissier
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 428 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 376 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 905 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 476 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 537 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 628 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 145 Km
Direct Distance from Pellissier to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 669 Km
Roads Near Pellissier
Roads / Streets in PellissierRoad Length
Aandwind Street 348m
Aanstap Rooies Street 307m
Akkoorde Street 45m
Alibama Crescent 674m
Bakkiesdraai Street 657m
Bamboesvlei Street 246m
Besembos Street 2.226Km
Bitterbessie Road 1.016Km
Blesperd Street 237m
Boerenooientjies Street 264m
Bruilofslied Street 313m
Erfdeel Avenue 1.521Km
Goggabie Street 218m
Goue Gerf Avenue 711m
Hanekraai Street 142m
Hartlam Crescent 37m
Ho La Drio Street 221m
Hudson Drive 054m
Jan Bam Street 207m
Jonkmans Street 207m
Kaapsenooi Street 596m
Koe Koe Street 196m
Kokknennetjie Street 267m
Kolperd Street 352m
Koringblom Crescent 1.28Km
Lantern Drive 45m
Liefdesliedjie Crescent 1.269Km
Mandolientjie Street 221m
Martatjie Street 187m
Masurka Street 096m
Meeboskonfyt Singel 168m
My Dina Street 099m
Nikkomdie Street 352m
Nooientjielief Street 242m
Ossewa Street 524m
Pellissier Drive 2.851Km
Perskeblom Street 752m
Piekanienie Street 346m
Pollenys Street 156m
PolliePerel Street 208m
Rietkooi Street 252m
Rooi Span Street 639m
Sarie Marais Street 362m
Siembamba Street 232m
Soetelief Crescent 341m
Suikerbossie Street 373m
Tiekiedraai Crescent 451m
Vier Perdewa Street 402m
Vlakfontein Avenue 721m
Volkspele Drive 789m
Waatlemoen Street 156m
Wagn Bietjiebos Street 295m
Witborskraai Street 227m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Pellissier and their distance from Pellissier
Cellphone Towers in PellissierLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in PellissierLatitude Longitude
NG Kerk Pellissier-29.150839726.1663544
Post Offices in PellissierLatitude Longitude
Fichardt Park Post Office-29.143725026.1802290
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