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Pefferville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Pefferville is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Pefferville
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 808 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 757 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 882 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 460 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 460 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 891 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 561 Km
Direct Distance from Pefferville to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1024 Km
Roads Near Pefferville
Roads / Streets in PeffervilleRoad Length
Amotola Street 126m
Aster Street 119m
Bamford Street 445m
Bancroft Street 149m
Bashe Street 531m
Beaumont Street 241m
Bebelele Street 611m
Bokwe Street 346m
Bond Street 526m
Boyle Street 14m
Bromley Road 3m
Cable Street 16m
Canning Street 113m
Capstan Road 281m
Chris Hani Street 132m
Coode Street 128m
Cyril Ramaphosa Street 12m
Dangazele Street 307m
Disa Street 168m
Dizamahlebo Street 252m
Dunga Street 741m
Duze Street 478m
Ford Street 675m
Glorette Street 177m
Grasmere Road 221m
Greenpoint Road 3.241Km
Greenwich Street 678m
Gxasheka Street 287m
Hans Street 157m
Hawkins Street 267m
Helen Joseph Road 212m
Hewitt Street 266m
Inchcape Place 093m
Jabavu Street 434m
Jiba Street 146m
Karoo Street 341m
Kese Street 226m
Kwinana Street 188m
Lanark Road 181m
Larter Street 115m
Lilian Place 128m
Limba Street 113m
Liverpool Street 29m
Lomond Street 295m
Lovelace Crescent 165m
Lovuyo Street 046m
Lujiza Street 538m
Mahlangeni Street 922m
Malunga Street 319m
Mamayo Street 113m
Mandarin Street 191m
Marigold Street 929m
Matanzima Street 282m
Matuntuta Street 172m
Mazwi Street 223m
Mcilongo Street 312m
Mdaka Street 172m
Mekeni Street 243m
Meki Street 396m
Momoti Street 332m
Msimango Street 509m
Mzonyana Street 362m
Ndende Street 505m
Ndlazi Street 144m
Nelson Mandela Drive 215m
Noel Street 238m
Noluthando Street 053m
Nzontsundu Street 229m
Nzuzo Street 173m
Oliver Tambo Street 221m
Onyx Place 283m
Opal Place 088m
Parkridge Road 1.454Km
Parson Road 106m
Piston Road 128m
Qomisa Street 147m
Ranonkel Street 124m
Rotterdam Road 412m
Selkirk Road 325m
Sesing Street 085m
Simani Street 156m
Siphumele Street 138m
Skeyi Street 291m
Sofuthe Street 237m
Sonia Road 134m
Sonneblom Street 462m
Tokota Street 165m
Toyana Street 138m
Tsenyengo Street 278m
Turner Crescent 105m
Valley View Street 22m
Venshu Street 088m
Vilette Street 126m
Xhewu Street 241m
Zephyr Road 251m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Pefferville and their distance from Pefferville
Clinics in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
Pefferville Clinic-33.012351927.8806727
Hospitals in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
Frere Hospital-32.996139427.8917649
Place of Worships in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
First City Baptist Church-33.007172627.9006837
Police Stations in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
Braelynn Police Station-33.005581427.8881920
Schools in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
Masakhe Primary School-33.008190627.8804028
Laerskool Parkside-33.013377927.8827160
Pefferville Primary-33.008181627.8834069
John Bisseker High School-33.014879727.8832782
Sinovuyo School-33.008662927.8875259
L.A.W. Barnes School-33.018815527.8888572
St. Johns Road Primary-33.009452627.8963207
Arcadia Special School-33.004230827.8954544
Clarendon Girls Primary-32.997311427.8917744
College Street Primary-33.015300627.9000163
Stations in PeffervilleLatitude Longitude
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