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Parow North Attractions and Distance Calculations
Parow North is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Parow North
Distance from Parow North to Airport Industrial
Distance from Parow North to Laingsburg Service Station
Roads Near Parow North
Roads / Streets in Parow NorthRoad Length
Aalwyn Straat 133m
Ag Visser Street 213m
Andrew Murray Street 417m
Antoinette Street 533m
Atlantis Close 164m
Barry Hertzog Road 512m
Chantelle Street 314m
Charmaine Close 135m
Christiaan Beyers Street 289m
Christiaan De Wet Crescent 061m
Claire Close 101m
Colette Close 063m
D F Malan Street 1.257Km
Danie Esterhuizen Street 104m
Dauphine Street 127m
De Grendel Road 719m
De Mist Street 139m
Denne Avenue 254m
Derheyn Crescent 168m
Disa Street 092m
Dominique Street 12m
Erna Close 204m
Esme Close 069m
Fiona Crescent 393m
Fitzpatrick Street 349m
Frans Conradie Drive 3.723Km
Grosskopf Street 211m
Gustav Preller Street 651m
Hannes Louw Drive 1.175Km
Hans Strydom Street 383m
Herbert Baker Street 245m
Hugo Naude Street 181m
Jacqueline Road 603m
Jan Cilliers Street 688m
Java Street West 155m
John Vorster Avenue 49m
Leipold Street 281m
Lily Street 094m
M. E. Rothman Street 787m
Madeleine Street 311m
Marina Crescent 381m
Mc Guinness Street 639m
McIntyre Road 2.292Km
Mikro Street 398m
Minette Close 191m
Nicole Street 159m
Nita Close 035m
Odette Street 277m
Oerder Street 178m
Oldham Road 1.106Km
Olive Schreiner Street 66m
Orchard Close 255m
Paul De Groot Street 535m
Pierneef Street 353m
Plattekloof Road 2.934Km
Reinhardt Moolman Close 089m
Reitz Street 144m
Roy Campbell Crescent 48m
Sangiro Street 286m
Simone Street 642m
Skakel Street 057m
Sonneblom Street 097m
Steynberg Road 086m
Tallent Road 1.197Km
Theal Street 819m
Totius Street 398m
Tulbagh Crescent 046m
Tulip Road 089m
Uys Krige Drive 415m
Van Bruggen Street 648m
Vygie Street 095m
Wendy Way 568m
Wenning Street 073m
Windell Road 172m
Wrensch Road 1.168Km
Yvette Street 214m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Parow North and their distance from Parow North
Cafes in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
Caf Chameleon-33.873794318.5783384
Cellphone Towers in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
Tygerberg Mast-33.874886118.5956821
Chemists in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
Parow SAPS-33.904661418.5954573
Post Offices in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
Post Office-33.883307618.5823189
Restaurants in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
De Kelder-33.874048118.5787461
Cattle Baron-33.874097018.5784080
Stations in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
De Grendel-33.893478918.5787389
Take Aways in Parow NorthLatitude Longitude
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