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Parkview Attractions and Distance Calculations
Parkview is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Parkview
Distance from Parkview to Emmarentia
Roads Near Parkview
Roads / Streets in ParkviewRoad Length
Athlone Road 681m
Ennis Road 894m
Galway Road 1.346Km
Greenside Road 1.307Km
Gullane Road 274m
Kerry Road 1.551Km
Kilkenny Avenue 21m
Kinross Road 708m
Lurgan Road 1Km
Niger Road 451m
Padgham Street 164m
Roscommon Road 1.08Km
Sarazen Street 124m
Selkirk Road 562m
Tyrone Avenue 1.725Km
Waterford Avenue 635m
Westmeath Road 1.349Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Parkview and their distance from Parkview
Art Gallerys in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Goodman Gallery-26.149353828.0341202
Hospitals in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Donald Gordon-26.179087428.0340282
Librarys in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Emmarentia Library-26.162112728.0132054
Parkings in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Zoo Lake Swimming Pool-26.154776128.0291038
Place of Worships in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Emmarentia Shul-26.163193028.0117155
Restaurants in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Moyo Zoo Lake-26.157005028.0292788
Zoo restaurant-26.167955328.0350204
Schools in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Parktown Girls High-26.156300028.0224100
Emmarentia Primary School-26.164189228.0111423
Greenside High School-26.151679728.0178110
Greenside Primary-26.152699128.0126382
Swimming Pools in ParkviewLatitude Longitude
Zoo Lake Swimming Pool-26.155091628.0289823
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