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Paarden Eiland Attractions and Distance Calculations
Paarden Eiland is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Paarden Eiland
Distance from Paarden Eiland to Kleinmond
Distance from Paarden Eiland to Kuils River
Distance from Paarden Eiland to Malgas
Distance from Paarden Eiland to Paarl
Distance from Paarden Eiland to Tintswalo Atlantic
Distance from paarden eiland to vredenberg
Distance from paarden eiland to Vredenburg
Roads Near Paarden Eiland
Roads / Streets in Paarden EilandRoad Length
Aceton Road 118m
Alwin Street 177m
Amphion Street 32m
Amsterdam Crescent 192m
Amsterdam Street 284m
Auckland Street 1.327Km
Basson Street 104m
Beach Road 234m
Bermuda Street 239m
Black River Parkway 1.579Km
Bloemfontein Street 097m
Bridgewater Street 343m
Calcutta Street 47m
Camden Street 285m
Camp Road 164m
Carlisle Street 1.26Km
Carriage Street 128m
Ceres Street 215m
Chapel Street 128m
Church Street 234m
Clarendon Crescent 601m
Container Road 1.898Km
Conway Street 217m
Corah Street 155m
Coronation Street 295m
Cumberland Road 229m
Da Gama Street 555m
Dick King Way 101m
Diep Street 417m
Dorsetshire Street 416m
Duncan Road 248m
Fenwick Street 457m
Fontana Street 283m
Glamis Close 122m
Glennifer Street 222m
Green Street 126m
Grey Street 585m
Haarlem Street 271m
Hermes Street 301m
Idaho Street 21m
Industry Road 778m
Industry Street 261m
John Heddon Street 186m
Justin Street 1.283Km
Kalman Street 16m
Kempenfelt Road 228m
Kings Road 1.509Km
Koala Street 187m
Koeberg Road 4.058Km
Koeberg Service Road 067m
Lady Annes Walk 13m
Leopard Street 102m
Link Road 076m
Lorrimer Street 159m
Louis Glassman Road 088m
Lowestoft Street 546m
Malan Crescent 429m
Marine Drive 4.922Km
Marine Drive Service Road 2.316Km
Mill Street 313m
Minnow Street 071m
Mosselbaai Street 096m
Natal Street 425m
Nautilus Street 086m
Neptune Street 993m
Nereide Street 736m
Onse Jan Place 086m
Paarden Eiland Road 1.723Km
Perfecta Road 197m
Piet Retief Square 165m
Plettenberg Street 104m
Plover Street 122m
Powerful Street 185m
President Kruger Street 159m
Princess Alice Avenue 759m
Puma Street 099m
Refinery Road 15m
River Street 307m
Riversdale Road 125m
Robertson Road 124m
Royal Road 354m
Ryk Street 138m
Section Road 1.825Km
Shaddock Street 335m
Shropshire Street 475m
Silva Street 422m
Steenbras Street 266m
Sunnyside Crescent 24m
Table Bay Boulevard 208m
Transvaal Street 649m
Tulbagh Street 53m
Upper Silva Street 175m
Van der Stel Avenue 126m
Van Riebeek Street 462m
Vasco Street 339m
Verbena Street 261m
Voortrekker Road 281m
Vrystaat Road 264m
Wallflower Street 27m
Wessex Road 364m
West Coast Busway 3.884Km
West Coast Cycle Path 2.401Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Paarden Eiland and their distance from Paarden Eiland
Bus Stations in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Paarden Eiland-33.917858218.4671314
Zoar Vlei-33.900602918.4809120
Bus Stops in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Salt River Rail-33.927677818.4643039
Hospitals in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Brooklyn Chest Hospital-33.900168118.4848807
Marketplaces in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Old Biscuit Mill Market-33.927551818.4577062
Petrol Stations in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Community Motors-33.928622618.4605601
Stations in Paarden EilandLatitude Longitude
Paarden Eiland-33.922474218.4669547
Koeberg Road-33.925660518.4788538
Salt River-33.927229318.4650145
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