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Ottery Attractions and Distance Calculations
Ottery is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Ottery
Distance from Ottery to Mitchells Plain
Roads Near Ottery
Roads / Streets in OtteryRoad Length
Aaron Avenue 264m
Adamastor Road 382m
Adrian Road 42m
Aintree Avenue 618m
Alice Road 39m
Allamanda Street 291m
Andersen Street 194m
Anita Road 219m
Anton Road 286m
Applemist Road 387m
Arlington Road 305m
Ascot Close 107m
Autumn Close 077m
Azana Street 199m
Barbette Road 382m
Basil Crescent 381m
Bedford Road 038m
Beechwood Close 034m
Bend Road 106m
Bendixen Road 141m
Beryl Road 513m
Bishopstone Road 248m
Brandt Way 137m
Brighton Lane 201m
Bruce Avenue 427m
Carissa Circle 486m
Carissa Street 204m
Casper Avenue 309m
Cassia Road 227m
Cavalry Crescent 352m
Centre Close 087m
Chris Barry Avenue 079m
Clifford Street 325m
Columbine Avenue 916m
Conifer Close 143m
Conrad Road 389m
Daniel Avenue 264m
David Way 11m
De Wet Road 2.456Km
Delia Road 591m
Dennis Street 132m
Derby Crescent 194m
Devon Place 195m
Devonshire Road 402m
Doreen Road 377m
Eddy Road 265m
Edward Avenue 424m
Edward Road 235m
Elder Street 071m
Elm Street 53m
Epsom Drive 324m
Eric Way 458m
Essenhout Street 196m
Exeter Avenue 16m
Exeter Lane 339m
Farm Crescent 42m
Fern Way 145m
Ferndale Drive 452m
Fernside Way 093m
Field Avenue 443m
Field Close 025m
Flower Close 09m
Frank Road 182m
Fritz Way 179m
Gazania Close 027m
George Road 333m
Gerard Road 157m
Greenfield Circle 47m
Greenfield Close 136m
Greyland Road 227m
Harris Drive 618m
Hector Avenue 7m
Hendrik Street 038m
Hugo Road 078m
Humby Road 304m
Huntingdon Crescent 275m
Ilex Avenue 079m
Isaac Road 482m
Ivan Road 233m
Jarvis Way 214m
Jasmyn Street 335m
Justin Way 15m
Karg Street 179m
Keith Road 159m
Kevin Avenue 206m
Knole Park Avenue 351m
Koraal Street 578m
Lantana Street 291m
Leicester Drive 306m
Lily Close 02m
Linden Street 198m
Link Road 349m
Littlewood Road 047m
Lodge Road 161m
Louis Avenue 288m
Louis Lane 192m
Lovat Road 215m
Luther Road 15m
Marvis Avenue 364m
Meadow Way 237m
Melville Road 508m
Miles Road 198m
Minstrel Way 186m
Mountain Crescent 425m
Myrtle Road 379m
Neil Close 029m
Nemesia Close 042m
Nerine Close 023m
New Ottery Road 881m
Noble Circle 254m
North Close 061m
Oak Close 034m
Olympic Close 031m
Orchid Close 027m
Ottery Road 7.528Km
Paddock Road 191m
Park Close 084m
Park Crescent 352m
Pasadena Way 174m
Percy Road 648m
Petraea Street 357m
Pine Close 075m
Plumbago Close 048m
Read Street 104m
Ruritania Avenue 186m
Serissa Street 169m
Short Road 096m
South Close 053m
Spring Close 071m
Strandfontein Road 4.005Km
Strandfontein Road Service Road 636m
Summer Close 073m
Tecomaria Close 049m
Teremain Circle 184m
Teremain Road 224m
Thiele Road 105m
Topsham Road 189m
Trenance Road 341m
Tristania Avenue 577m
Tulip Close 054m
Vlamboom Street 324m
Vlier Lane 203m
Vygie Close 022m
Watsonia Close 023m
Wegner Avenue 147m
West Close 051m
Whimple Close 153m
Williston Road 297m
Windsor Close 082m
Winter Close 041m
Woodbury Close 168m
Wooddale Road 27m
Woodlands Road 462m
Woodside Road 377m
York Crescent 2m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Ottery and their distance from Ottery
Banks in OtteryLatitude Longitude
Chemists in OtteryLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in OtteryLatitude Longitude
Ottery Fire Station-34.016362918.5208624
Stations in OtteryLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in OtteryLatitude Longitude
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