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Ormonde Attractions and Distance Calculations
Ormonde is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Ormonde
Distance from Ormonde to Jet Mart
Distance from Ormonde to Johannesburg
Distance from Ormonde to Melrose Arch
Distance from Ormonde to Protea Glen
Roads Near Ormonde
Roads / Streets in OrmondeRoad Length
Alwen rd 1.054Km
daman rd 138m
Ellingen rd 736m
Erding rd 406m
Exhibition Road 3.14Km
jardin rd 079m
keldern rd 079m
Kimberley Road 736m
le malte rd 04m
magdeburg rd 068m
Neasden rd 018m
Orcival rd 083m
Ormonde Close 214m
peterstal rd 062m
Quillan rd 05m
Recreation Road 209m
Rysdale rd 017m
Shakespeare ave 949m
St Clair rd 062m
Tarascon rd 026m
Upavon rd 016m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Ormonde and their distance from Ormonde
Car Rentals in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Dentists in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Dental Surgery-26.240944728.0058141
Guest Houses in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Kwa-Bungane guest house-26.248521927.9941802
Nursery Schools in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Paradise Day-care-26.250558727.9803101
Parkings in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
macdonalds parking-26.242460228.0046647
Gold Reef City Parking-26.237082128.0105507
Pubs in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
KB Pub & Grill-26.240501428.0058429
Restaurants in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Chiss Kop-26.241252128.0051503
Stations in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
The Chip Shop-26.246289827.9986505
Fontana Roastery-26.242880528.0050152
Hot Box Foods-26.240107628.0055830
Tourist Attractions in OrmondeLatitude Longitude
Painted cooling tower-26.237547527.9843858
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