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Orlando Attractions and Distance Calculations
Orlando is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Orlando
Distance from Orlando to Charlotte
Distance from Orlando to Zolfo Springs
Roads Near Orlando
Roads / Streets in OrlandoRoad Length
Armitage Street 1.305Km
Boikhutso Street 356m
Bokaba Street 437m
Hennesy Street 1Km
Hlongwane Street 242m
Kenang Street 445m
Khumalo Main Road 786m
Khumalo Street 204m
Koba Street 201m
Kumalo Street 732m
Lebona Street 211m
Lembede Street 1.058Km
Lesolang Link 233m
Lesolang Street 767m
Litabe Street 633m
Lwamando Street 156m
Mabasotho Street 434m
Mabitsela Street 748m
Magang Street 498m
Makhetha Street 1.055Km
Maseko Street 609m
Mazibuko Street 621m
Mbele Street 236m
Mda Street 809m
Mkhabayi Street 38m
Mkhasibe Street 229m
Mkwayi Street 186m
Mmilo Street 173m
Mngoma Street 205m
Modubo Street 235m
Moema Street 629m
Moleleki Street 323m
Moloi Street 169m
Monkoe Street 239m
Monlomi Street 159m
Mooiselle Street 655m
Moramotse Street 182m
Moses Street 197m
Mphapuli Street 27m
Mpinga Street 496m
Mpitso Street 687m
Mpokoleng Street 612m
Mpulo Street 404m
Msitshana Street 627m
Mtuli Street 221m
Mupudu Street 37m
Mvubu Street 497m
Ngakane Street 1.055Km
Ngiba Street 536m
Ngidi Street 633m
Ngoza Street 254m
Nkabinde Street 531m
Nkosi Street 234m
Nkwanca Street 505m
Ntombela Link 122m
Ntombela Street 182m
Nyang Ezizwe Zulu Street 338m
Oak Crescent 682m
Oliver Street 227m
Palo Street 126m
Pela Link 354m
Pela Street 224m
Pitsonyane Street 819m
Pooe Street 434m
Poplar Street 207m
Ramushu Street 1.538Km
Reverend Frederick S. Modise Drive 3.843Km
Segapo Street 251m
Sibeko Street 237m
Sisulu Street 454m
Syringa Street 181m
Thakadu Street 278m
Tlou Street 35m
Tshikosi Street 151m
Twala Street 981m
Xor Link 121m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Orlando and their distance from Orlando
Guest Houses in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Ekhaya Guest House-26.239300627.9102582
Memorials in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Meadowlands High School-26.216178827.8947833
Museums in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Hector Pierterson Museum-26.235027927.9081478
Mandela House-26.238573227.9088145
Nursery Schools in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Public Buildings in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Soweto TV-26.237942627.9070952
Restaurants in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Number One-26.235772627.9075333
Sakhumzi Restaurant-26.239064027.9097999
Schools in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
Thabaneng Primary School-26.223154427.9093662
Orlando West High School-26.238042127.9065765
Stations in OrlandoLatitude Longitude
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