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Observatory Attractions and Distance Calculations
Observatory is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Observatory
Distance from Observatory to Cofimvaba
Distance from Observatory to Edenvale
Distance from Observatory to Kleinbron Estate
Distance from Observatory to Plumstead
Distance from Observatory to St. Stithians College
Distance from Observatory to Strand Street
Roads Near Observatory
Roads / Streets in ObservatoryRoad Length
Alfred Street 124m
Anson Street 177m
Anzio Road 833m
Ash Street 155m
Barrington Road 219m
Bedford Street 138m
Bellevliet Road 252m
Bellstart Lane 099m
Bishop Road 189m
Black River Park 079m
Blake Street 147m
Bowden Road 061m
Bristol Road 092m
Browning Road 308m
Burnham Road 106m
Cambridge Road 251m
Clifton Terrace 076m
Collingwood Road 017m
Cranko Road 029m
Crown Street 119m
Dane Street 041m
De Waal Drive 903m
Disa Avenue 055m
Donne Street 164m
Drake Street 135m
Duke Street 126m
Eden Road 111m
Fairfield Road 084m
Falmouth Road 742m
Florence Avenue 214m
Gordon Road 083m
Groote Schuur Drive 767m
Grove Road 057m
Herman Road 211m
Herschel Road 031m
Hospital Bend 1.011Km
Irwell Street 13m
Ivy Street 156m
James Road 026m
Kimberley Road 112m
Liesbeek Avenue 809m
Link Road 105m
Liskeard Road 163m
London Road 106m
Low Street 132m
Lower Collingwood Road 151m
Lower Main Road 555m
Lower Trill Road 023m
Lower Wrensch Road 279m
Lynton Road 066m
Lytton Street 289m
Main Road 795m
Merrick Street 154m
Milner Road 046m
Milton Road 343m
Morley Road 07m
Neath Road 162m
Nelson Mandela Boulevard 915m
Norfolk Road 098m
Norwich Avenue 025m
Nuttall Road 081m
Oak Street 132m
Observatory Road 272m
Ossian Road 014m
Oxford Road 258m
Park Villa Road 129m
Penzance Road 087m
Perth Road 107m
Polo Road 038m
Rawson Street 031m
Rhodes Drive 417m
Rochester Road 038m
Roman Road 035m
Selbourne Road 644m
Settlers Way 608m
Seymour Street 152m
St. Michaels Road 027m
Station Road 653m
Strubens Road 105m
Sussex Road 037m
Trill Road 064m
Wesley Street 354m
William Street 086m
Willow Road 225m
Wrensch Road 042m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Observatory and their distance from Observatory
Bus Stations in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Mowbray Taxi Rank-33.947691718.4745685
Mowbray Bus Station-33.948727518.4733782
Bus Stops in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Salt River Rail-33.927677818.4643039
Upper Salt River-33.930208718.4571121
Upper Salt River-33.930079318.4569845
Upper Roodebloem-33.937430418.4511947
Upper Roodebloem-33.937398918.4510074
Upper Mountain-33.937137118.4490181
Upper Mountain-33.937252518.4489883
Tugwell (Outbound)-33.954576118.4706571
Tugwell (Inbound)-33.954754118.4707944
Cafes in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Vida e Cafe-33.935448918.4714020
Chemists in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Webb & Savoy-33.949862818.4720600
Colleges in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Damelin College Mowbray-33.947186718.4765713
Fire Stations in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Salt River Fire Station-33.935471818.4615364
Hospitals in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Woodstock Hospital-33.931926318.4493796
Hostels in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Observatory Backpackers-33.935527118.4674811
Hotels in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Holiday Inn-33.934435118.4473301
Marketplaces in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Old Biscuit Mill Market-33.927551818.4577062
Museums in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Irma Stern Museum-33.952745318.4693846
Petrol Stations in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Settlers Way-33.943580218.4690094
Community Motors-33.928622618.4605601
Pubs in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Fat Cactus-33.948201518.4791341
Restaurants in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Touch of Madness-33.938746218.4694804
The River Club-33.933895818.4749612
The Wild Fig-33.942548118.4799581
Out Of China-33.948894318.4809251
Rhodes Memorial Tearoom-33.952124318.4585410
Schools in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Gaia Waldorf School-33.938745718.4894268
Stations in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Salt River-33.927229318.4650145
Koeberg Road-33.925660518.4788538
Paarden Eiland-33.922474218.4669547
Tourist Attractions in ObservatoryLatitude Longitude
Rhodes Memorial-33.952364618.4589487
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