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North End Attractions and Distance Calculations
North End is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from North End
Distance from North End to Russell Road College
Distance from North End to Russell Road
Distance from North End to Swartkops
Roads Near North End
Roads / Streets in North EndRoad Length
Alfred Road 1.032Km
Alice Street 226m
Bagshaw Street 277m
Barker Street 14m
Bates Street 119m
Betthay Street 193m
Broad Street 251m
Brussel Street 25m
Charlotte Street 208m
Collier Street 136m
Commercial Road 1.312Km
Connaught Place 263m
Connaught Road 183m
Crang Street 123m
Crawford Street 674m
Darling Street 535m
De Villiers Street 278m
Delson Street 114m
Dobson Street 137m
Downing Street 248m
Doyle Street 225m
Drury Street 357m
Dury Street 091m
Edgar Street 249m
Field Street 115m
Fraser Street 251m
Frost Street 121m
Gates Street 25m
Goven Mbeki Avenue 2.887Km
Graham Street 25m
Grahamstown Road 172m
Green Street 297m
Hancock Street 501m
Harrower Road 2.156Km
Henry Ford Road 186m
Hutchinson Street 25m
Innes Street 287m
Lanchester Street 19m
Leyland Street 439m
Loch Street 066m
Market Street 176m
Mathew Street 18m
Mount Road 324m
North Road 782m
Parkin Street 26m
Patterson Road 2.125Km
Pell Street 124m
Quick Street 276m
Rainbow Terrace 138m
Rhodes Street 274m
Robert Street 357m
Robertson Street 166m
Savage Street 138m
Settlers Way 5.452Km
Shell Street 202m
Shepherd Street 275m
Short Street 248m
Sidon Street 629m
Slater Street 892m
Theale Street 301m
Todd Street 194m
Trafalgar Square 289m
York Road 783m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in North End and their distance from North End
Cafes in North EndLatitude Longitude
Cafe Rouge-33.959279825.6115209
Colleges in North EndLatitude Longitude
Teachers Centre-33.957270125.6152200
Guest Houses in North EndLatitude Longitude
36 Mount Road Guest House-33.949506125.6015240
Sea Breeze-33.954519725.6010507
Saunders Guest House-33.954530025.5960400
Cambridge Cottage-33.956748525.6037948
Eden Road Guest Suites-33.953521225.5925636
Mount Lodge Guest House-33.957354825.5960043
Urban Manor Guesthouse-33.958004425.5961037
Buckingham Place-33.957446125.5947542
Hostels in North EndLatitude Longitude
The Hippo Backpackers-33.958530025.6085046
Place of Worships in North EndLatitude Longitude
NG Kensington-33.941498025.5903364
Centenary Methodist-33.958449725.6133839
Restaurants in North EndLatitude Longitude
Royal Deli Restaurant-33.958869425.6066437
Green Door-33.958610025.6118500
The Coachman-33.958830025.5972500
Schools in North EndLatitude Longitude
Khumbulani High School-33.939019925.6038199
Sydenham Primary School-33.936599925.6029299
Lawson Brown High School-33.948679625.5993272
Laerskool Excelsior-33.950089925.6025399
Dr Viljoen Primary School-33.926710125.5945129
Stations in North EndLatitude Longitude
North End-33.946448525.6100418
Take Aways in North EndLatitude Longitude
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