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Noordwyk Attractions and Distance Calculations
Noordwyk is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Noordwyk
Distance from Noordwyk to 5 Simmonds Street
Distance from Noordwyk to Cosmo City
Distance from Noordwyk to Isando
Distance from Noordwyk to Sheraton Pretoria Hotel
Roads Near Noordwyk
Roads / Streets in NoordwykRoad Length
11th Road 1.007Km
14th Road 2.075Km
8th Road 514m
8th Street 2.275Km
Acacia Road 791m
Acacia Street West 406m
Anaboom Street 234m
Ash Street 298m
Azalea Avenue 716m
Bakhout Street 142m
Baobab Street 345m
Barclay Street 233m
Birch Street 378m
Blackwood Circle 49m
Blombos Crescent 566m
Blougom Street 625m
Bottlebrush Street 325m
Boxwood Street 309m
Bronberg Street 118m
Canyon Way 257m
Cedar Street 253m
Chestnut Street 372m
Chive Street 322m
Combosreturn Street 186m
Couborough Road 838m
Craggs Street 085m
Creek Close 039m
Cypress Street 331m
Delta Close 231m
Ebony Street 084m
Essenwood Crescent 626m
Fire Lily Crescent 334m
Forest Walk 889m
Frederick Drive 341m
Freesia Drive 812m
Geelhoot Street 43m
George Road 766m
Highlands Drive 603m
Hill Boulevard 144m
Honeysuckle Street 353m
Imuia Circle 139m
Iris Street 082m
Jacaranda Street 279m
Jasmine Street 107m
Karee Street 721m
Keurboom Crescent 715m
Kiaat Street 954m
Kloof Road 236m
Liebenberg Road 2.804Km
Lowlands Drive 799m
Magnolia Circle 384m
Mahogany Street 654m
Marroela Place 038m
Marsh Street 189m
Mimosa Place 058m
Mopani Street 3m
Naboom Place 077m
Oak Place 1m
Olifants Fontein 3.378Km
Olifantsfontein Road 76m
Orchard Close 06m
Oudekraal Close 331m
Palm Street 425m
Peak Way 045m
Plane Street 544m
Plumbago Street 574m
Poplar Road 793m
River Road 244m
River Road North 082m
Robin Road 064m
Rooihout Street 261m
Sagewood Avenue 313m
Silvertree Street 329m
Snapdragon Street 168m
Sneeugras Crescent 308m
Spring Way 235m
Strelitzia Avenue 765m
Suikerbos Street 298m
Taaibos Road 322m
Tamboti Circle 738m
Tecoma Place 54m
Tumbleweed Place 455m
Valley Road 121m
Wattle Street 103m
Wilderness Road 116m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Noordwyk and their distance from Noordwyk
Chemists in NoordwykLatitude Longitude
Hotels in NoordwykLatitude Longitude
Protea Hotel Midrand-25.956357428.1310495
Petrol Stations in NoordwykLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in NoordwykLatitude Longitude
Russian Orthodox-25.961802828.1166416
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