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Ngodwana Attractions and Distance Calculations
Ngodwana is a village in South Africa, Mpumalanga
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Distance Calculations from Ngodwana
Distance from Ngodwana to Malelane
Roads Near Ngodwana
Roads / Streets in NgodwanaRoad Length
Adamas 117m
Boyer 243m
Burnie Street 196m
Calhoun Close 154m
Calhoun Street 556m
Cornwall close 051m
Cornwall street 671m
Dam lapa parking 069m
Engen Ngodwana 131m
Eskom line service road 84m
Ford William 091m
Kaapsche Hoop Pad 105m
Kinleith close 152m
Kinleith street 335m
Laerskool Clivia Primary 104m
Larkfield Street 423m
Longview Drive 913m
Maryvale avenue 241m
Neenah avenue 175m
Ngodwana Dam Road 1.273Km
Ngodwana Dam Source Road 994m
Rail Service road 1.668Km
RaINbOw KIDS 014m
Savanah 322m
Savanah close 186m
Shoalhaven Avenue 767m
Shoalhaven Entrance 058m
Stanger close 138m
Stoneywood close 287m
Stoneywood drive 808m
Sudbrooke Av 514m
Tofte close 138m
Tugela street 276m
Windsor Street 1.596Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Ngodwana and their distance from Ngodwana
Bars in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Ngodwana Sportsbar-25.568938130.6850074
Cafes in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Ngodwana Kiosk-25.569625430.6747026
Courthouses in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Ngodwana medical Centre-25.577840730.6643092
Petrol Stations in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Engen Ngodwana-25.573392830.6669364
Picnic Areas in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Dam lapa-25.581865530.6778193
Place of Worships in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Community church building-25.568834830.6804280
NG kerk Ngodwana-25.568863930.6847280
Post Offices in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Ngodwana Post Office-25.572770330.6673529
Restaurants in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Ngodwana foodcourt-25.569403430.6851042
Schools in NgodwanaLatitude Longitude
Laerskool Clivia Primary-25.567601230.6813384
Rainbow Kids-25.569895630.6743175
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