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Newlands Attractions and Distance Calculations
Newlands is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Newlands
Distance from Newlands to Alrode
Distance from Newlands to Paarl
Distance from newlands to parktown
Distance from newlands to Parktown
Distance from Newlands to Tyger Valley Shopping Centre
Distance from Newlands to Tygerberg Hospital
Roads Near Newlands
Roads / Streets in NewlandsRoad Length
Acorn Street 121m
Akkerdal Avenue 214m
Albion Road 34m
Albion Springs 054m
Alcis Road 273m
Alfred Road 278m
Alice Road 095m
Alister Avenue 383m
Almond Street 776m
Amhurst Avenue 263m
Apple Lane 033m
Arbor Road 134m
Avalon Road 134m
Avenue Grande 395m
Avenue La Caille 18m
Avenue Road 464m
Avoca Road 116m
Bank Road 274m
Barmbeck Avenue 462m
Bishoplea Road 466m
Bougainville Avenue 193m
Boundary Road 584m
Broadway Avenue 328m
Brook Street 244m
Buchan Road 122m
Bucksburn Road 335m
Campground Road 1.105Km
Cannon 247m
Cannon Close 082m
Carbrook Avenue 325m
Cardiff Road 124m
Cavendish Street 604m
Cedar Road 172m
Central Street 097m
Chamberlain Road 273m
Chaucer Road 188m
Claremont Boulevard 1.107Km
Clyde Road 103m
Colinton Road 324m
Copeland Road 31m
Corwen Street 139m
Cypress Road 3m
Daisy Way 345m
Dean Lane 06m
Dean Street 673m
Dee Road 048m
Draper Street 449m
Dreyer Street 386m
Dulwich Road 249m
Eden Road 509m
Edinburgh Drive 171m
Ednam Road 401m
Elgin Terrace 079m
Esme Road 515m
Evergreen Avenue 389m
Feldhausen Avenue 287m
Feldhausen Road 192m
Finsbury Avenue 405m
Fir Street 126m
Firdale Road 214m
Foresters Road 078m
Forth Road 085m
Foye Road 199m
Frederick Road 167m
Glenhof Road 415m
Governors Lane 194m
Grays Inn Road 06m
Greenford Road 112m
Groeneveld Road 096m
Groote Schuur Avenue 586m
Grove Avenue 239m
Grove Walk 216m
Haldane Road 324m
Hampton Avenue 203m
Harcourt Road 212m
Hardwick Road 203m
Harman Road 222m
Harrow Road 398m
Hawthorne Road 159m
Heatherton Road 223m
Hellenburgh Road 128m
Hemlock Street 187m
Hibiscus Avenue 21m
Hiddingh Avenue 593m
Hilltop Avenue 142m
Hugon Road 203m
Ingle Road 132m
Irene Road 154m
Kelvin Road 266m
Kent Road 413m
Keurboom Road 1m
Kildare Road 321m
Kings Street 188m
Kingsbury Park 133m
Kinkleway Avenue 397m
Klipper Road 708m
La Cases Road 121m
Lady Anne Avenue 441m
Largo Road 118m
Laurel Lane 054m
Lemon Lane 043m
Leslie Road 127m
Letterstedt Road 206m
Littlewort Trail 498m
Lothian Road 138m
Lower Kelvin Road 145m
Magnolia Road 14m
Main Road 2.436Km
Main Street 892m
Manson Road 235m
Marie Road 079m
Mariendahl Avenue 16m
Mariendahl Lane 106m
Mark Road 144m
Mayfair Avenue 228m
Melba Road 179m
Melrose Avenue 097m
Melrose Walk 155m
Memel Road 139m
Middleton Road 488m
Midwood Avenue 21m
Mill Street 168m
Mona Crescent 181m
Montrose Avenue 071m
Morris Road 357m
Mount Pleasant Road 13m
Mount Road 52m
Newberry Lane 046m
Newlands Avenue 1.645Km
Newlands Road 1.305Km
Newry Street 132m
Niekerks Lane 087m
Norfolk Close 033m
Norfolk Street 141m
Oak Avenue 187m
Oakdale Road 222m
Obelisk Road 097m
Obelisk Walk 173m
Ohlsson Way 131m
Old Stanhope Road 11m
Orange Street 391m
Orchard Street 9m
Osborne Road 239m
Palm Street 154m
Palmboom Close 045m
Palmboom Crescent 05m
Palmboom Road 664m
Palmyra Road 1.085Km
Papenboom Grove 159m
Paradise Road 1.746Km
Park Lane 069m
Paterson Street 223m
Paton Road 103m
Peach Lane 095m
Pear Lane 036m
Pearce Road 111m
Pembroke Lane 048m
Pinewood Road 252m
Possen Road 101m
Princess Anne Avenue 814m
Protea Road 1.043Km
Queen Victoria Road 315m
Quiet Street 147m
Ralph Street 125m
Ramsey Road 048m
Ravensberg Avenue 644m
Reform Road 132m
Rhodes Avenue 083m
Rhodes Drive 314m
Rhodes Memorial 1.641Km
Ripple Close 156m
Riverside Road 724m
Roslyn Road 448m
Rouwkoop Road 436m
Rudolp 34m
Rutherglen Avenue 067m
Rutherglen Close 04m
Sans Souci Road 284m
School Road 099m
Selborne Road 279m
Spencer Road 107m
Sport Pienaar Road 378m
Springs Way 082m
St. Leger Road 267m
Station Road 132m
Stegmann Road 358m
Stirling Road 12m
Swansea Street 121m
Talana Road 559m
The Cobbles 048m
The Grange Avenue 453m
Thelma Road 09m
Thibault Avenue 412m
Thicket Street 064m
Toffie Lane 064m
Tweed Road 094m
Union Avenue 3.909Km
Upper Grove Avenue 442m
Upper Paradise Road 306m
Upper Wheelan Street 275m
Vale Road 124m
Van Reenen Close 067m
Van Reenen Street 3m
Vineyard Road 365m
Voh Holdt Street 125m
Warwick Street 227m
Wenlock Road 135m
Westerford Road 154m
Wheelan Street 214m
White Road 544m
Wiener Road 113m
Wilkinson Street 053m
Wisteria Close 043m
Wodin Road 208m
Wraysbury Close 032m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Newlands and their distance from Newlands
Bus Stations in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Claremont Bus Terminus-33.980624118.4662389
Claremont Taxi Rank-33.981781018.4664346
Bus Stops in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Stop & Drop-33.960672718.4603235
UC South-33.960534918.4597737
UC West-33.957502218.4594819
Business in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Stream Global Services-33.979473618.4664030
Cafes in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caffe-33.978995218.4630196
Chemists in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Entertainments in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Tenpin Bowling-33.979620118.4658719
Fountains in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Fountain-33.961478118.4701093
Hospitals in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Claremont Hospital-33.986274618.4664961
Kingsbury Hospital-33.986421018.4688649
Crescent Clinic-33.989401418.4670905
Hotels in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
The Vineyard Hotel-33.978973418.4588200
Southern Sun Newlands-33.975466618.4652522
Librarys in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
UCT Library-33.957448818.4604239
Rondebosch Public Library-33.961456418.4718187
Nightclubs in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Tiger Tiger-33.979590618.4652697
Parkings in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Newlands Forest-33.971147918.4497267
Petrol Stations in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
BP Newlands-33.971292418.4547910
Place of Worships in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Church on Main-33.981210618.4656189
Police Stations in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Claremont SAPS-33.984301418.4729179
Post Offices in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Claremont Post Office-33.979646718.4656480
Clareinch Post Office-33.984237318.4740766
Pubs in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Springbok Pub-33.973547218.4677176
Restaurants in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Barristers Grill & Cafe-33.975973618.4591115
Schools in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
SACS High School-33.971084218.4585495
Stations in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Varsity Fast Food-33.956845218.4606558
Tourist Attractions in NewlandsLatitude Longitude
Deadwood Boulder-33.979259218.4378778
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