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New Crossroads Attractions and Distance Calculations
New Crossroads is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from New Crossroads
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1302 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1255 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1260 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 645 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 904 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1525 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 828 Km
Direct Distance from New Crossroads to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1540 Km
Roads Near New Crossroads
Roads / Streets in New CrossroadsRoad Length
A Jakob Road 138m
Amsterdam Street 467m
Ananwabisi Street 1.039Km
B Longo Road 631m
Bangani Street 252m
Bengna Close 079m
Bhobhoyi Street 21m
Bongani Close 112m
Bristol Road 924m
Buhlungu Street 285m
Cola Street 252m
Daniel Close 113m
Davids Street 605m
Debeza Street 373m
Dubi Street 252m
Dyakala Crescent 23m
Dyakophu Close 056m
Dywabasi Street 127m
Dywiusi Close 121m
E Mjodo Street 652m
Elliot Waka Close 066m
Emms Drive 1.015Km
Empumelelweni Close 179m
Father Curran Crescent 305m
Fenyang Street 539m
Fourth Avenue 278m
Freedom Square 376m
Gawe Street 253m
Gill Crescent 274m
Gobo Street 059m
Great Dutch Street 262m
Gwadu Crescent 146m
Gwangqa Street 419m
Gwili Street 131m
Hangana Street 5m
Hlati Street 571m
Hobohobo Street 354m
Ingulube Street 639m
J Makateng Street 034m
J Nontula Crescent 059m
J Galloweni Road 454m
J Nontulo Street 1.31Km
Kani Close 108m
Khanya Street 063m
Khetsha Street 199m
Kobodi Street 257m
Kolanisi Street 131m
Koornhof Street 613m
Kukhanya Street 176m
Kuqala Avenue 787m
L Eleni Road 182m
Loviso Avenue 174m
Luthango Crescent 296m
Luvo Street 063m
M Oliphant Road 068m
Madubula Street 115m
Mahlatini Street 275m
Makholwa Crescent 276m
Matolengwe Crescent 358m
Mchobololo Street 129m
Mkondweni Avenue 193m
Mlonji Street 16m
Mndayi Close 064m
Moletsane Crescent 329m
Mqokolo Street 193m
Mthamzeli Street 101m
Mzamo Crescent 247m
Mzomtsh Close 066m
Nceba Avenue 271m
Ndamane Avenue 168m
Ndiki Close 175m
Ndlela Close 121m
Ndumiseni Close 075m
Ngcisininde Crescent 365m
Nkowane Street 062m
Nomthandazo Peter Close 16m
Nomyayi Street 345m
Ntlakohlaza Close 069m
Ntlanganisela Close 137m
Ntlangano Crescent 853m
Ntongana Crescent 249m
Ntubeni Road 227m
NY 80 068m
NY 85 068m
NY 86 067m
NY 87 064m
NY 88 065m
NY 90 07m
Paul Andrew Close 054m
Prior Roger Close 112m
Qunube 069m
Revel Close 147m
Russel Close 065m
S Karnovetz Road 281m
Sacla Close 159m
Sagoloda Street 922m
Sakela Close 182m
Sakhwatsha Street 451m
Sakkiesdorp Crescent 842m
Santos Avenue 176m
Second Avenue 273m
Sibeni Avenue 779m
Sihlanu Avenue 603m
Sikhinkili Close 119m
Sikhwenene Street 553m
Simunye Street 063m
Sine Avenue 781m
Sinethemba Avenue 184m
Siphingo Street 06m
Sithandatu Avenue 847m
Sithathu Avenue 781m
Third Avenue 279m
Tom Street 443m
Tyinirhi Road 08m
Wesley Mabuza Street 072m
Yanta Avenue 376m
Z Memani Road 48m
Zazulwana Crescent 383m
Zwelonke Avenue 178m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in New Crossroads and their distance from New Crossroads
Bus Stations in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Taxi terminal-33.992600018.5836281
Drinking Waters in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
St. Johns-33.978737818.5793196
Schools in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Nyanga Library-33.995608318.5865380
Imbasa Primary School-33.996722818.5920910
Stations in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Emandz and Thweni-33.978675018.5795913
Sisi Babs-33.978624218.5794240
Theatres in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Zolani center-33.991698318.5844487
Toilets in New CrossroadsLatitude Longitude
Toilet H23-33.979054418.5761741
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