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Nelindja Attractions and Distance Calculations
Nelindja is a suburb in South Africa, Mpumalanga
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Distance Calculations from Nelindja
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 282 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 305 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1533 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 488 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 1079 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 621 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 716 Km
Direct Distance from Nelindja to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 233 Km
Roads Near Nelindja
Roads / Streets in NelindjaRoad Length
Begonia Avenue 136m
Bell Street 865m
Bester Street 1.293Km
Bulpin Street 322m
Cameron Street 381m
Cineraria Street 132m
Clivia Street 368m
Currie Street 337m
Dahlia Street 092m
Decora Street 247m
Delphinium Street 459m
Disa Street 053m
Dr Enos Mabuza Drive 871m
Exselsa Street 099m
Ferox Street 28m
Friedenheim Street 1.218Km
Fuchsia Road 763m
Geranium Street 277m
Henshall Street 1.431Km
Hibiscuss Street 142m
Horrida Street 282m
Humillis Crescent 33m
Kanaal Street 409m
Kragbron Street 544m
Kykoedie Street 42m
Magnolia Street 471m
Mr Price Home 127m
Nemezia Avenue 54m
Petroleum Street 231m
Petunia Street 692m
Primula Street 312m
Quo Vadis Street 234m
Samora Machell Drive 1.204Km
Samora Machell Street 283m
Striata Street 16m
Suikerriet Street 521m
Tabak Street 173m
Timerhout Street 323m
Valencia Street 246m
Van Bergen Street 392m
Wisteria Street 325m
Zinnia Street 134m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Nelindja and their distance from Nelindja
Animal Welfare Centres in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Meidlinger Street SPCA-25.461879230.9763600
Banks in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
African Bank-25.468851430.9780121
Chemists in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Courthouses in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit Magistraat-25.469303830.9780468
Dentists in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
De Beers Assc-25.476247330.9780023
Hotels in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Protea Hotel-25.471879430.9912797
Nightclubs in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Parkings in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Jock and Java-25.476441830.9816258
Place of Worships in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Full Gospel Church of God-25.471741430.9827921
Post Offices in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit post office-25.469765930.9777792
Pubs in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
The Pub-25.474120530.9815506
Restaurants in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Jock & Java-25.475888430.9823372
Ocean Basket-25.475257330.9809193
Schools in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Horskool Nelspruit-25.471991630.9841185
Nelspruit Laerskool-25.473910930.9846666
Swimming Pools in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Municipal testing grounds-25.463106130.9885468
Take Aways in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Chicken Licken-25.469981730.9824966
Superb Chicken-25.468950630.9780067
Veterinarians in NelindjaLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit Animal hospital-25.475054430.9810682
Central Vet-25.475020130.9809882
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