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Musgrave Attractions and Distance Calculations
Musgrave is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Musgrave
Distance from Musgrave to Morningside
Distance from Musgrave to Westville
Roads Near Musgrave
Roads / Streets in MusgraveRoad Length
122045 Street 215m
122052 Street 101m
122053 Street 08m
122159 Street 05m
122160 Street 062m
122161 Street 238m
122162 Street 243m
122163 Street 065m
122164 Street 084m
122165 Street 044m
122166 Street 091m
122167 Street 09m
122237 Street 26m
Acorn Road 17m
Ailsa Avenue 098m
Alcock Cresent 203m
Alfred Avenue 097m
Baron Grove 399m
Baumann Lane 154m
Bell Grove 199m
Bellevue Road 607m
Bentley Street 11m
Berriedale Road 471m
Blackhurst Avenue 22m
Bonamour Avenue 223m
Botanic Avenue 432m
Botanic Gardens Road 771m
Botanic Grove 193m
Brand Road 219m
Brents Avenue 116m
Bulwer Road 1.27Km
Caister Cresent 233m
Calder Road 456m
Canterbury Grove 225m
Carlisle Street 671m
Carol Road 069m
Carriage Drive 206m
Carters Avenue 183m
Caston Grove 112m
Cato Road 1.403Km
Cawood Lane 158m
Chancellor Avenue 438m
Cherry Avenue 527m
Cherry Place 191m
Chris Ntuli Road 824m
Cleaver Road 472m
Cleveland Place 128m
Clifton Place 175m
Clyde Avenue 225m
Colin Grove 204m
Craigside Road 067m
Currie Road 2.883Km
Douglas Lane 116m
Dronfield Road 145m
Etna Lane 121m
Felix Dlamini Road 1.287Km
France Place 117m
Furness Avenue 252m
Glengariff Place 224m
Gove Grove 034m
Grants Grove 22m
Gum Tree Avenue 152m
Halford Road 28m
Hammersmith Avenue 281m
Hampson Grove 079m
Hayle Avenue 092m
Heswall Road 215m
Hunt Road 505m
Hurst Grove 223m
Invicta Avenue 134m
J B Marks Road 904m
Jesmond Road 121m
Julia Road 84m
Keits Avenue 224m
Kilburn Avenue 22m
King Dinuzulu Road 1.267Km
Kingston Avenue 11m
Lancaster Road 221m
Lanercost Avenue 161m
Lanyon Grove 073m
Lena Ahrens Road 1.063Km
Lomond Place 135m
Lulworth Road 077m
Lutman Avenue 078m
Main Walk 27m
Market Road 493m
Mazisi Kunene Road 2.962Km
Midwood Close 102m
Montgomery Avenue 222m
Moore Grove 108m
Musgrave Avenue 13m
Musgrave Road 1.269Km
N3 N On-ramp 233m
Newcombe Place 079m
Newton Place 108m
Noble Road 226m
Oakleigh Drive 286m
Ochil Road 066m
Palm Walk 303m
Pardy Gardens 096m
Povall Road 221m
Prains Avenue 236m
Problem Mkhize Road 1.798Km
Ranald Road 393m
Ridsdale Avenue 093m
Ritson Road 391m
Robinson Place 541m
Rothesay Place 24m
Seaforth Avenue 338m
Silverton Road 85m
Somme Road 378m
St Johns Avenue 185m
St Martins Avenue 105m
St Thomas Avenue 225m
St Thomas Road 1.383Km
Stephen Dlamini Road 2.712Km
Steve Biko Road 948m
Sylvan Grove 098m
Syringa Avenue 221m
Throssell Place 064m
Toledo Avenue 182m
Trenowin Grove 083m
Trio Place 107m
Tudor Place 158m
Vause Road 105m
Vernon Road 401m
Villa Road 667m
Walter Place 59m
Waverley Grove 118m
Waynes Avenue 216m
Windmill Lane 176m
Windmill Road 559m
Winter Avenue 223m
Winterton Walk 611m
Woodburn Place 095m
York Avenue 21m
Youngs Avenue 216m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Musgrave and their distance from Musgrave
Banks in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-29.848441230.9998413
Chemists in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Laletsa Lodge-29.851423030.9901215
Hospitals in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
St Augustines Hospital-29.855468130.9916059
Entabeni Hospital-29.854770330.9871518
Hostels in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Hotels in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Ridgeview Lodge-29.855672330.9888780
Parkings in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Cowey Centre Parking-29.840937331.0089314
Woolworths Parking-29.840554131.0098760
Petrol Stations in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Cowey Centre Motors-29.841174131.0087104
Pubs in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
A Cabana-29.854478930.9967013
Restaurants in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Circus Circus-29.848546930.9989920
Ocean Basket-29.849405430.9995269
Stations in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
Berea Road-29.857059231.0125534
Take Aways in MusgraveLatitude Longitude
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