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Muizenberg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Muizenberg is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Muizenberg
Distance from Muizenberg to Claremont
Distance from Muizenberg to Delft
Distance from Muizenberg to Durbanville
Distance from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek
Distance from Muizenberg to Franschhoek
Distance from Muizenberg to Kirstenhof
Distance from Muizenberg to Tokai
Roads Near Muizenberg
Roads / Streets in MuizenbergRoad Length
Albert Road 111m
Albertyn Road 456m
Alexander Road 428m
Amberley Road 176m
Arthur Road 071m
Atlantic Road 096m
Axminister 354m
Baker Road 104m
Bath Road 314m
Bay Road 075m
Beach Road 955m
Belvedere Road 262m
Bond Road 111m
Boveney Road 1m
Box Road 094m
Brandwood Road 131m
Brockley Road 07m
Bromyard Road 106m
Bryn Road 132m
Cap Michel Close 152m
Church Road 336m
Clevedon Road 334m
Clifton Road 607m
Colwell Road 079m
Crofton Road 052m
Cromer Road 373m
Ellis Road 097m
Ermington Road 094m
Frankfort Road 118m
Fraser Road 141m
George Road 083m
Gill Road 192m
Hansen Road 12m
Harpenden Road 094m
Henley Road 358m
Hillcrest Road 283m
Holland Road 167m
Killarney Road 085m
Lakeview Lane 102m
Main Road 273m
Marchmont Road 196m
Margate Road 257m
Maynard Road 254m
Melrose Road 262m
Milner Road 257m
Mount Road 199m
Old Boyes Drive 655m
Ombersley Road 152m
Palmer Road 218m
Penrose Road 108m
Promenade Road 653m
Recreation Road 307m
Rhodesia Road 249m
Ronleigh Road 156m
Royal Road 778m
School Road 112m
Scopus Road 037m
Sea View Road 145m
Sidmouth Road 091m
St Heliers Road 213m
Talma Road 212m
Thaxter Road 118m
The Row 789m
Towers Road 418m
Verwoed Road 13m
Vlei Road 258m
Watson Road 18m
Westbury Road 102m
Wherry Road 257m
Windermere Road 701m
Yarmouth Road 525m
York Road 079m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Muizenberg and their distance from Muizenberg
Banks in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-34.086404618.4571385
battlefields in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Battle of Muisenberg-34.111299018.4658703
Cafes in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Melting Pot-34.105943118.4699026
Sostanza Coffee Shop-34.090678918.4611515
Chemists in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Rustenberg Pharmacy-34.107350618.4711206
Fire Stations in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Lakeside Fire Station-34.087006518.4577270
Guest Houses in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Stoked Backpackers-34.108904018.4678307
Petrol Stations in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Muizenberg SAPS-34.108776718.4666105
Recycling Depots in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Woolworths Recycling-34.090838618.4616046
Restaurants in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Kitch Kombuis-34.103653218.4692988
Palmer Road Rotisserie-34.105645418.4697269
The Village Pizzeria-34.105747618.4697028
Empire cafe-34.107847218.4683380
Bombay India-34.106992918.4710125
The Boat House-34.106549318.4732256
Mama Roma Tralloria-34.090559018.4612830
Ruins in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Schools in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Muizenberg High School-34.098255318.4775045
Stations in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
False Bay-34.102447818.4687965
St James-34.119289918.4584436
Studis in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Radio CCFm-34.108683118.4676549
Swimming Pools in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
St James Tidal Pool-34.118760118.4596374
Theatres in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Masque Theatre-34.102778618.4685097
Tourist Attractions in MuizenbergLatitude Longitude
Sea Scout Base-34.088473518.4662425
Aerial Boulders-34.094897918.4486622
Bubka Boulder-34.111095318.4464043
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