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Mowbray Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mowbray is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mowbray
Distance from Mowbray to Green Point Stadium
Distance from Mowbray to Melomed Gatesville - Trauma Unit (Er)
Distance from Mowbray to Salt River
Roads Near Mowbray
Roads / Streets in MowbrayRoad Length
Albert Road 329m
Alexander Road 08m
Astley Street 191m
Avenue Road 227m
Batten Lane 167m
Belmont Road 139m
Berkley Road 135m
Black River Parkway 1.818Km
Bloemendal Road 186m
Bollihope Crescent 156m
Broad Street 187m
Bushwood Road 276m
Caledonian Road 127m
Cheltenham Road 361m
Church Street 134m
Clarendon Road 223m
Clifton Road 241m
De Villiers Avenue 282m
Dixton Road 374m
Dodds Road 093m
Durban Road 274m
Forfar Road 065m
George Street 149m
Gledholt Road 144m
Glencairn Road 129m
Gloucester Road 547m
Gordon Road 065m
Grange Avenue 097m
Greens Pass 094m
Grove Road 206m
Hare Street 138m
Harriers Road 161m
Hexagon Crescent 04m
Highbury Road 301m
Hill Park Lane 197m
Hilton Road 171m
Hornsey Road 241m
Hospital Bend 196m
Hurley Road 265m
Inniskillen Road 16m
Kensington Road 17m
Kent Road 114m
Kew Road 291m
Kildonan Road 083m
Kings Road 092m
Klipfontein Road 745m
Koornhoop Road 165m
Kotzee Road 067m
Kowie Road 202m
Kromboom Parkway 1.034Km
Lancaster Road 29m
Landseer Road 241m
Langton Road 211m
Liesbeek Parkway 2.108Km
Liskeard Road 089m
Long Street 312m
Lower Hilton Road 063m
Main Road 6m
Malleson Road 39m
Matopo Road 087m
Molenvliet Road 083m
Montreal Road 307m
Muswell Hill Road 303m
Osborne Road 256m
Princess Street 148m
Priory Road 099m
Queen Street 215m
Raapenberg Road 1.151Km
Raleigh Road 291m
Rhodes Drive 874m
Richmond Road 319m
Roseberry Road 385m
Roughmoor Road 13m
Roxana Road 228m
Rye Road 08m
Salford Road 059m
Sawkins Road 314m
Selborne Road 085m
Settlers Way 5.17Km
St Peters Road 23m
Station Road 251m
Strubens Road 452m
Surrey Road 132m
Sydney Road 083m
Thicket Road 234m
Twickenham Road 312m
Upper Durban Road 205m
Victoria Road 237m
Waverley Road 081m
Welgelegen Road 171m
Westoe Road 097m
Weymouth Road 082m
Winchester Road 081m
Wyecroft Road 167m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Mowbray and their distance from Mowbray
Bus Stations in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Mowbray Taxi Rank-33.947691718.4745685
Mowbray Bus Station-33.948727518.4733782
Bus Stops in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Tugwell (Outbound)-33.954576118.4706571
Tugwell (Inbound)-33.954754118.4707944
UC North (for Rochester)-33.955012918.4618513
UC North-33.955138518.4615504
UC West-33.957502218.4594819
Stop & Drop-33.960672718.4603235
UC South-33.960534918.4597737
Cafes in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Vida e Cafe-33.935448918.4714020
Chemists in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Webb & Savoy-33.949862818.4720600
Colleges in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Damelin College Mowbray-33.947186718.4765713
Varsity College-33.960269518.4719304
Fire Stations in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Salt River Fire Station-33.935471818.4615364
Fountains in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Fountain-33.961478118.4701093
Guest Houses in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Little Scotia-33.959096818.4694531
Hostels in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Observatory Backpackers-33.935527118.4674811
Hotels in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
City Lodge Pinelands-33.947901218.4904156
Librarys in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Public Library-33.961456418.4718187
UCT Library-33.957448818.4604239
Museums in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Irma Stern Museum-33.952745318.4693846
Petrol Stations in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Settlers Way-33.943580218.4690094
Place of Worships in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch United Church-33.960535218.4743807
Brooke Chapel-33.963499818.4819387
War Memeorial Chapel-33.963862618.4813892
Post Offices in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Pubs in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Fat Cactus-33.948201518.4791341
UCT Club-33.955869718.4630120
Restaurants in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Out Of China-33.948894318.4809251
The Wild Fig-33.942548118.4799581
Touch of Madness-33.938746218.4694804
The Hussar Grill-33.959142918.4706750
Cellar on the Greens-33.948216618.4902007
Rhodes Memorial Tearoom-33.952124318.4585410
The River Club-33.933895818.4749612
Schools in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Gaia Waldorf School-33.938745718.4894268
Diocesn College Pre-Prep-33.964151818.4786482
Diocesan College-33.963236918.4823620
Stations in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Swimming Pools in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Varsity Fast Food-33.956845218.4606558
Tourist Attractions in MowbrayLatitude Longitude
Rhodes Memorial-33.952364618.4589487
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