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Mount Road Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mount Road is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mount Road
Distance from Mount Road to Sunridge Park
Roads Near Mount Road
Roads / Streets in Mount RoadRoad Length
Beech Road 043m
Botha Road 166m
Brebner Street 314m
Brinsley Road 22m
Brock Crescent 116m
Brock Road 264m
Burns Road 229m
Buxton Road 1.233Km
Byron Avenue 463m
Clough Road 078m
Connaught Road 753m
Cotton Crescent 103m
Cotton Road 336m
Diaz Road 2.115Km
Evans Road 208m
Fettes Road 145m
Freemantle Road 131m
Gibaud Road 938m
Jellicoe Road 137m
Kingston Road 1.056Km
Kipling Road 68m
Mary Boyd Road 93m
Mc Hardy Avenue 443m
Oliver Road 241m
Paul Kruger Road 41m
Pretorius Street 554m
Pringle Road 54m
Schauder Avenue 508m
Shelly Road 265m
Smuts Road 125m
Stent Road 15m
Taylor Road 111m
Watte Road 07m
Whinfield Road 169m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Mount Road and their distance from Mount Road
Banks in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
FNB - Newton Park-33.949620425.5706504
Cafes in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Rio Cafe-33.933760025.5842200
Cafe Providence-33.960040025.5986000
The Coffee Society-33.949232325.5694579
Car Rentals in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Avis (Greenacres)-33.950492325.5812620
Cinemas in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Community Centres in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Jarman Hall-33.933607025.5760261
Guest Houses in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Eden Road Guest Suites-33.953521225.5925636
Ermas Place-33.946564525.5812674
Bayview Lodge-33.939776525.5827370
Saunders Guest House-33.954530025.5960400
36 Mount Road Guest House-33.949506125.6015240
Mill Park Inn-33.954845225.5843255
Arkenstone Guest House-33.957039025.5899227
Greenacres Guest House-33.953420825.5798738
Buckingham Place-33.957446125.5947542
236 Cape Road Cottage-33.953176625.5791106
Mount Lodge Guest House-33.957354825.5960043
Sea Breeze-33.954519725.6010507
Urban Manor Guesthouse-33.958004425.5961037
Sylvesters Guest House-33.960131225.5977596
Cambridge Cottage-33.956748525.6037948
Millbury Guest House-33.961587425.5901967
Mill House Guest House-33.962480025.5888700
Hotels in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Bay Lodge-33.959335725.5985442
Waterford Hotel-33.932008925.5777512
Petrol Stations in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
NG Kensington-33.941498025.5903364
NG Parkheuwel-33.938934525.5833841
NG Patmos-33.959765125.5997355
Restaurants in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Silver Lantern-33.957490025.5936687
The Coachman-33.958830025.5972500
Narai Siam Thai Kitchen-33.945336025.5711216
Mangolds Restaurant-33.946527325.5700955
Schools in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Lawson Brown High School-33.948679625.5993272
Laerskool Excelsior-33.950089925.6025399
Khumbulani High School-33.939019925.6038199
GJ Louw Primary School-33.936378325.5790567
Sydenham Primary School-33.936599925.6029299
Dietrich Primary School-33.936290325.5772795
Grey Boys High School-33.961209725.5951708
Westview High School-33.957239925.5769999
Grey Junior School-33.961595825.5968756
Stations in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
North End-33.946448525.6100418
Take Aways in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
Hungry Lion-33.935087825.5817898
Wimpy (The Bridge)-33.949440825.5737114
King Pie-33.948758725.5712301
KFC Five Ways-33.960670025.6030000
KwaiLok Chinese-33.949662725.5692747
Tourist Attractions in Mount RoadLatitude Longitude
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