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Motalabad Attractions and Distance Calculations
Motalabad is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Motalabad
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 520 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 484 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1263 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 683 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 457 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 479 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 605 Km
Direct Distance from Motalabad to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 668 Km
Roads Near Motalabad
Roads / Streets in MotalabadRoad Length
200744 Street 051m
200745 Street 047m
200755 Street 1.383Km
200764 Street 033m
200765 Street 508m
200766 Street 159m
200767 Street 355m
200768 Street 097m
200769 Street 07m
200770 Street 116m
200771 Street 098m
200772 Street 045m
200773 Street 046m
200774 Street 456m
200775 Street 064m
200776 Street 038m
200778 Street 229m
200779 Street 106m
200780 Street 2.749Km
200781 Street 798m
200782 Street 075m
200783 Street 06m
200784 Street 093m
200785 Street 202m
200786 Street 896m
200787 Street 105m
200788 Street 076m
200789 Street 29m
200790 Street 151m
200791 Street 054m
200792 Street 377m
200793 Street 47m
200794 Street 195m
200795 Street 082m
200796 Street 073m
200797 Street 064m
200798 Street 034m
200799 Street 038m
200800 Street 038m
200801 Street 356m
200802 Street 13m
200803 Street 203m
200804 Street 202m
200805 Street 231m
200806 Street 098m
200807 Street 149m
200808 Street 169m
200809 Street 092m
200810 Street 089m
200811 Street 101m
200813 Street 194m
200814 Street 092m
200815 Street 055m
200816 Street 06m
200817 Street 047m
200818 Street 036m
200819 Street 042m
200820 Street 047m
200821 Street 041m
200971 Street 078m
211463 Street 132m
211470 Street 05m
211471 Street 061m
211473 Street 113m
211534 Street 125m
23811 Street 025m
23812 Street 072m
400001 Street 04m
400002 Street 067m
400262 Street 071m
400353 Street 276m
400412 Street 131m
55590 Street 2m
Acacia Lane 083m
Almond Avenue 354m
Almond Close 032m
Aloe Avenue 428m
Bamboo Lane 084m
Banana Lane 224m
Bhekilanga Place 095m
Bottom Place 069m
Buffalo Road 084m
Cabin Lane 06m
California Drive 203m
Camel Lane 136m
Canna Cresent 395m
Capital Lane 112m
Cedar Place 26m
Chalet Lane 096m
Cherry Road 668m
Cici Lane 183m
Circle Drive 1.971Km
Combine Road 103m
Coral Lane 044m
Coral Place 172m
Croton Place 304m
Daisy Lane 336m
Dinkelman Road 1.963Km
Dumisani Makhaye Drive 5.586Km
Dundee Road 129m
Ebony Cresent 433m
Eighth Street 408m
Elangeni Place 065m
Emhosheni Lane 065m
Entabeni Lane 104m
Ethembeni Lane 088m
Etsheni Lane 033m
Evans Street 088m
Evergreen Road 294m
Fern Place 165m
Fifth Avenue 262m
First Avenue 1.237Km
Floral Lane 08m
Fourth Street 471m
Golden Lane 07m
Happy Lane 067m
Harmony Drive 234m
Hilltop Road 771m
Hlanganani Lane 115m
Icena Lane 115m
Igwalagwala Lane 074m
Igwiliza Place 249m
Ihubhulu Place 221m
Ikhwezi Avenue 102m
Ilala Place 062m
Ilanda Road 302m
Inhlaka Place 071m
Isando Road 088m
Ivy Lane 089m
Jasmine Place 064m
Litchi Lane 112m
Loft Cresent 1.481Km
Louis Walter Road 629m
Lupin Lane 344m
Majuba Place 069m
Maple Cresent 1.021Km
Marigold Lane 378m
Masakhane Avenue 078m
Mashona Lane 056m
Mdoni Cresent 443m
Mini Lane 052m
Motala Road 378m
Mthimkhulu Avenue 315m
Ndosi Place 103m
North Ridge 074m
Oak Avenue 376m
Orchid Avenue 544m
Oriental Road 041m
Osizweni Lane 154m
Palm Place 163m
Paradise Road 111m
Petria Avenue 999m
Phaphama Place 351m
Phola Place 178m
Pine Street 403m
Progress Drive 19m
River Close 041m
Rose Lane 066m
Royal Lane 091m
Ruby Place 093m
Second Avenue 108m
Silver Lane 166m
Sixth Avenue 395m
Sixth Street 274m
Sizanani Lane 118m
Spooky Lane 078m
Spring Lane 047m
Star Drive 236m
Sundown Lane 026m
Sunset Lane 032m
Sunshine Road 521m
Thandanani Lane 169m
Third Avenue 62m
Third Street 314m
Thokoza Avenue 179m
Thuthuka Drive 599m
Tulip Place 279m
Ukhozi Lane 037m
Ulamula Place 065m
Umngeni Lane 1m
Umthombo Place 114m
Umunga Road 256m
Umyezane Lane 118m
Uprising Drive 08m
Uvemvane Avenue 104m
Valview Road 392m
Victoria Hope Road 085m
Victoria Lane 082m
Voyage Lane 058m
Washesha Lane 071m
Winter Lane 077m
Wonderful Lane 093m
Woza Lane 037m
Zebra Lane 062m
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