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Moorton Attractions and Distance Calculations
Moorton is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Moorton
Direct Distance from Moorton to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 532 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 495 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1255 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 672 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 457 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 493 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 607 Km
Direct Distance from Moorton to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 682 Km
Roads Near Moorton
Roads / Streets in MoortonRoad Length
105886 Street 042m
105890 Street 173m
105895 Street 067m
105896 Street 156m
105900 Street 155m
105901 Street 231m
105902 Street 035m
105903 Street 036m
105904 Street 046m
105906 Street 024m
105907 Street 082m
105911 Street 123m
105913 Street 336m
105914 Street 185m
105915 Street 096m
105916 Street 078m
105917 Street 079m
105919 Street 221m
105920 Street 047m
105921 Street 067m
105922 Street 253m
105923 Street 042m
105924 Street 018m
105925 Street 025m
105926 Street 155m
105927 Street 052m
105928 Street 1m
105930 Street 035m
105931 Street 092m
105932 Street 134m
105933 Street 199m
105934 Street 049m
105935 Street 047m
105936 Street 047m
105937 Street 205m
105938 Street 147m
105939 Street 042m
105940 Street 069m
105941 Street 131m
105942 Street 03m
105943 Street 395m
105944 Street 05m
105946 Street 106m
105947 Street 062m
105948 Street 108m
105949 Street 194m
105950 Street 221m
105951 Street 113m
105952 Street 052m
106273 Street 074m
1111 Road 354m
120792 Street 352m
120793 Street 082m
120794 Street 055m
120795 Street 149m
120796 Street 259m
120797 Street 048m
120798 Street 041m
121004 Street 372m
337 On-ramp 046m
337 Road 113m
337 S Off-ramp 052m
750 Road 058m
Airborne Road 299m
Alentia Grove 204m
Alviera Place 134m
Angel Place 134m
Angola Road 961m
Arena Park Drive 513m
Bevel Place 221m
Blue Bonnet Cresent 446m
Boundary Cresent 715m
Camillus Avenue 8m
Cele Road 094m
Club Moss Gardens 281m
Crossmoor Drive 2.16Km
Damascus Grove 139m
Damorosa Cresent 1.555Km
Dawnridge Avenue 229m
Debonair Place 221m
Dimple Place 169m
Disababa Road 168m
Dolomite Cresent 456m
Flummery Place 11m
Garuda Avenue 362m
Harp Place 077m
Herman Drive 62m
Higginson E Off-ramp 241m
Higginson E On-ramp 564m
Higginson Highway 3.557Km
Higginson W Off-ramp 542m
Higginson W On-ramp 715m
Hlanganani Close 22m
Janus Road 137m
Jimmy Naidoo Road 146m
Khayalethu Close 116m
Knockwatch Avenue 387m
Kontiki Place 139m
Krypton Avenue 293m
Lapwing Avenue 677m
Lemuria Grove 871m
Lichen Road 305m
Lucian Grove 12m
Mafulela Road 425m
Mazarin Place 162m
Moneda Avenue 241m
Montview Road 599m
Moorcross Drive 1.993Km
Moorland Place 115m
Moorton Drive 1.513Km
Moscow Road 105m
Mpumelelo Road 172m
Progress Avenue 49m
R K Khan Crl 207m
Raffia Road 496m
Rainbow Circle 532m
Richmond Road 5.464Km
Samara Place 155m
Shallcross Road 416m
Silvermount Circle 88m
Skyridge Circle 1.829Km
Sorrento Place 17m
Spectrum Grove 24m
Sunset Walk 221m
Tamaryn Place 166m
Topaz Avenue 642m
Travera Place 094m
Ukuthula Road 162m
Vandana Grove 284m
Vezi Street 137m
Welbedacht Road 289m
Wishful Way 074m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Moorton and their distance from Moorton
Fire Stations in MoortonLatitude Longitude
Chatworth Fire Station-29.913665730.8851720
Police Stations in MoortonLatitude Longitude
Chatsworth Police Station-29.912494030.8851076
Stations in MoortonLatitude Longitude
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