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Mitchells Plain Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mitchells Plain is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mitchells Plain
Distance from Mitchells Plain to 213 Albert Road
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Century City
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Epping Industria 2
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Goodwood
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Gordons Bay
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Tygerberg Hospital
Distance from Mitchells Plain to Vangate Mall
Roads Near Mitchells Plain
Roads / Streets in Mitchells PlainRoad Length
A Z Berman Drive 7.011Km
Acrodolis Slot 124m
Aintree Crescent 352m
Alberton Close 454m
Alpha Crescent 103m
Alpha Street 513m
Alpine Street 71m
Amber 066m
Amethyst 227m
Amsterdam Way 257m
Andromeda 189m
Angora Close 103m
Angus Road 468m
Aquamarine 263m
Arabella Street 128m
Argo 109m
Ascot Street 101m
Athens Street 099m
Austin Crescent 308m
Avontuur Close 072m
Ayrshire Close 081m
Baker Close 109m
Baobab Street 615m
Barbados Way 037m
Bellingham Crescent 505m
Benoni Close 182m
Bentley Crescent 308m
Bermuda Street 309m
Bien Donne Close 054m
Bien Donne Street 177m
Blinkblaar Street 102m
Blinkwater Street 189m
Blockhouse Street 153m
Bloemendal Close 059m
Bloemendal Way 304m
Bloubos Crescent 259m
Bluegum Close 054m
Boekenhout Crescent 275m
Boekenhout Street 096m
Bonfoi Road 506m
Bontebok Crescent 36m
Bordeaux Way 193m
Borneo Close 071m
Bosbok Crescent 332m
Boschendal Road 386m
Boshoff Road 553m
Boston Street 158m
Botrivier Street 458m
Bravo Street 208m
Buckingham Way 264m
Buffalo Street 426m
Buick Crescent 454m
Bulawayo Close 09m
Burgundy Street 072m
Buttress Street 542m
Buukbay Close 056m
Cableway Street 072m
Cadillac Street 751m
Cairn Close 098m
Caledon Street 292m
Calypso Square 394m
Cambridge Street 68m
Capricorn 123m
Cardiff Close 099m
Carmen Street 1m
Cascade Street 422m
Cave Close 04m
Ceres Close 118m
Chad Close 15m
Chalet Court 1m
Charlie Street 376m
Cheetah Close 198m
Cherry Lane 106m
Chestnut Crescent 262m
Chestnut Street 039m
Chevrolet Crescent 282m
Chimney Street 103m
Chrysler Crescent 377m
Cinderella Crescent 307m
Cirrus 247m
Civet Street 086m
Clairwood Crescent 403m
Clanwilliam Way 42m
Cobblestone Street 11m
Colosseum Road 107m
Colosseum Way 227m
Copenhagen Way 317m
Corridor Street 269m
Corsica Close 084m
Crete Street 195m
Crystal 049m
Cycad Road 094m
Cyclone 052m
Cyprus Close 09m
Daltondal Close 069m
Danube Way 229m
Daphne Crescent 302m
Dassie Street 152m
Datsun Close 03m
De Duin Avenue 712m
De Gredel Close 055m
De Hoek 065m
De La Roche Close 075m
De Larey Crescent 156m
Delheim Close 056m
Denver Close 059m
Derby Street 234m
Dexter Close 069m
Diagonal Street 11m
Diamond 206m
Don Carlos Street 636m
Dorper Way 435m
Drover Street 208m
Durban Road 16m
Durban Street 059m
Durban Way 565m
Echo Street 131m
Eiffel Close 118m
Eire Street 139m
Eisleben Drive 2.626Km
Eisleben Road 3.922Km
Eland Street 153m
Elbe Street 108m
Elektra Crescent 31m
Elephant Street 252m
Eleventh Avenue 53m
Elm Close 044m
Eloff Street 18m
Emery Road 106m
Ermelo Street 179m
Eshowe Close 068m
Essenhout Street 254m
Eureka Close 033m
Falkland Close 084m
Falstaff Crescent 307m
Farrier Street 29m
Faust Close 188m
Fernwood Street 264m
Fidelio Crescent 358m
Fifth Avenue 684m
Figaro Street 188m
Figtree Close 101m
Fir Street 067m
First Avenue 2.191Km
Fontuin Street 104m
Forester Close 209m
Formosa Street 128m
Fourth Avenue 386m
Fox Street 177m
Friesland Street 207m
Galaxy 367m
Galloway Close 164m
Gazelle Street 589m
Geneva Close 07m
Germiston Road 154m
Giraffe Street 336m
Glenbawn Close 035m
Gloriana Street 134m
Gold 317m
Golden Gate Way 355m
Grand Canyon Way 202m
Grange Court 146m
Greenleaf Place 016m
Greenwich Close 122m
Greyville Street 161m
Groot Schuur 202m
Grysbok Street 09m
Guernsey Close 171m
Guineas Crescent 223m
Haasendal Close 075m
Hangberg Street 088m
Hartbees Street 27m
Harvester Way 46m
Hawaii Way 099m
Hazeldene Avenue 1.941Km
Hengelaar Street 1.191Km
Hickory Road 068m
Holden Street 126m
Holheim Close 058m
Homestead Way 104m
Hooggelegen Close 071m
Houtkloof Close 062m
Humber Close 069m
Huron Street 132m
Iceland Crescent 25m
Imperial Street 971m
Irene Way 159m
Ironwood Close 363m
Jade 108m
Jamaca Way 246m
Jersey Street 284m
Jubilee Street 14m
Jukskei Crescent 497m
Juniper Lane 044m
Juniper Road 331m
Kaapzicht 045m
Kameel Street 084m
Karakul Crescent 38m
Karate Crescent 309m
Karbonkelberg Street 158m
Kasteelpoort Street 11m
Katdoring Street 1.543Km
Kershout Street 124m
Kiaat Close 104m
Kimberley Street 059m
Kimberley Way 285m
Klassens Street 12m
Klipdoring Street 182m
Klipspringer Street 1.051Km
Kloof Corner Street 103m
Knobwood Street 553m
Knysna Close 157m
Koedoe Street 084m
Koelenhof Close 036m
Koffiepeer Street 04m
Kontoer Street 076m
Koolhout Close 11m
Kraaibos Close 089m
Kransduiwen Close 066m
Kringhout Street 093m
Krokodil Close 09m
Kruisbessie Close 087m
Kunene Way 542m
Kweker Weg 312m
Kyalami Street 154m
Kylemore Close 067m
La Dauphne 066m
Langkloof Close 044m
Leadwood Place 041m
Leadwood Street 314m
Ledge Street 099m
Leeu Street 181m
Leeukop Street 348m
Lekkerwater Street 101m
Lelyfontein Close 054m
Lemoenkloof Close 048m
Lemur Street 084m
London Street 175m
Lotus Street 042m
Louise Crescent 352m
Luiperd Crescent 404m
Lynedoch Close 06m
Macbeth Street 146m
Madagascar Cres 054m
Madagascar Crescent 15m
Madeira Close 096m
Majorca Crescent 178m
Manchester Street 209m
Manitoba Close 149m
Marble 112m
Marion Close 086m
Maroela Street 269m
Marquisite 236m
Martha Street 144m
Mauritius Way 234m
Mayfair Close 135m
Meadow Court 178m
Meerlust Close 057m
Melbourne Close 07m
Melk Weg 299m
Melkhout Close 087m
Mercury 205m
Merino Street 095m
Merrydale Avenue 2.49Km
Mersey Close 093m
Miami 053m
Miami Alley 107m
Miami Close 135m
Miami Way 295m
Michigan Way 554m
Middelton Close 09m
Mississippi Way 235m
Missouri Crescent 29m
Missouri Street 123m
Molteno Close 085m
Molteno Street 296m
Monsoon 097m
Montagu Drive 779m
Montagu Way 312m
Montevideo Close 094m
Moonstone 079m
Mopanie Street 155m
Morris Street 062m
Motte Close 048m
Muurbal Street 125m
Naboom Street 162m
Napier Close 088m
Nebula 141m
Nectar Way 511m
Nederburg Close 063m
Neetlings Close 039m
Nero Crescent 319m
New York Close 078m
Newmarket Street 125m
Niagara Street 107m
Niger Close 094m
Nile Way 411m
Norma Street 092m
North West 115m
Nursery Street 101m
Nutcracker Close 084m
Oberon Crescent 218m
Okapi Close 084m
Ontario Way 167m
Oppelskop Crescent 287m
Orkney Close 07m
Orly Close 137m
Oryx Street 046m
Outdshoorn Way 406m
Outlook Street 118m
Oxford Street 45m
Palestrina Street 44m
Pall Mall Way 569m
Panama Close 079m
Panther Close 043m
Parsifal Crescent 308m
Pasture Road 137m
Pearl 108m
Pegasus 129m
Persian Close 102m
Peugeot Crescent 462m
Phillipines Road 227m
Piccadilly Way 38m
Pisa Close 116m
Plantasie Street 082m
Platteklip Street 085m
Pluto 185m
Polaris 107m
Pomergranate Street 049m
Pontiac Street 228m
Porcupine Close 057m
Portobello Close 102m
Prairie Court 145m
Priska Close 078m
Pyramid Close 112m
Rambler Street 257m
Ranger Close 1m
Ratel Close 05m
Ravine Street 084m
Renoster Crescent 184m
Rhine Close 089m
Ribbok Street 129m
Ribbokskloof Close 058m
Ridge Court 094m
Rietbok Crescent 223m
Riley Crescent 215m
Riversdale 142m
Riversdale Close 132m
Riversdale Way 276m
Riviera Way 198m
Rooikat Close 071m
Rover Street 079m
Ruby 066m
Rugby Street 194m
Rustenburg Close 162m
Saaier Close 08m
Salem Close 06m
Salisbury Way 424m
San Francisco Close 097m
San Francisco Street 11m
Sandrivier Street 153m
Sapphire 352m
Sardinia Crescent 179m
Seattle Close 108m
Seine Street 107m
Sentinel Street 571m
Seventh Avenue 939m
Shepherd Way 423m
Sicily Street 326m
Silver 567m
Silvermyn Close 073m
Silvermyn Street 156m
Silverstream 166m
Simondium Close 071m
Simonsig Avenue 5m
Siverstream 002m
Sixth Avenue 749m
Skeleton Street 175m
Slangolie Street 161m
Smid Road 273m
Sonderend Street 136m
South East 132m
Southern Cross 329m
Spier Close 075m
Spine Road 4.038Km
Spring Street 139m
Squirrel Crescent 202m
St Helena Close 082m
Stag Crescent 175m
Steenberg Street 053m
Summit Street 339m
Superior Way 167m
Swellendam Street 108m
Sycamore Place 012m
Sycamore Road 41m
Taaibos Close 093m
Tahiti Street 293m
Tambotie Street 188m
Tana Street 136m
Tango Square 402m
Teak Place 165m
Teak Street 049m
Temporal 217m
Tennis Crescent 125m
Tenth Avenue 267m
Thames Close 098m
The Cedars Avenue 325m
Third Avenue 365m
Three Firs Crescent 179m
Tiber Close 107m
Tierboskat Street 126m
Timor Close 084m
Trafalgar 211m
Trident 121m
Trinidad Close 068m
Triumph Street 348m
Trolley Street 088m
Tulbach Road 221m
Tunnel Street 045m
Turquoise 105m
Tweed Close 076m
Typhoon 404m
Uitenhage Way 284m
Upington Street 144m
Uranus 251m
Vaalrivier Way 468m
Valley Close 047m
Valley Court 108m
Vancouver Close 07m
Venice Close 068m
Vergelegen Close 052m
Vergelegen Road 197m
Victoria Close 114m
Vienna Street 127m
Viscount 234m
Vlaeberg Street 139m
Vlakkenberg Court 198m
Vlakkenheuvel Close 052m
Volga Close 063m
Volvo Street 36m
Vredendal Street 246m
Waikiki Close 079m
Waldheim Close 056m
Wall Street 182m
Wanderers Crescent 289m
Wankie Close 122m
Washington Way 371m
Waterbuck Close 084m
Welbeloond 068m
Welkom Street 1.093Km
Wellington 108m
Wespoort Drive 3.12Km
Westminster Close 086m
Whitehall Close 103m
Wildebees Street 138m
Wilgerevier Close 088m
Willomore Close 088m
Willow Street 051m
Winnipeg Close 15m
Winnipeg Street 154m
Winsor Close 117m
Wisteria Street 06m
Woltenburg Close 045m
Woodhead Street 075m
Woody Street 08m
Yellowwood Road 852m
Yellowwood Street 278m
Yoeman Street 16m
Zambesi Way 558m
Zebra Close 103m
Zebra Crescent 284m
Zeerust Close 119m
Zenith 427m
Zurich Close 094m
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