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Miramar Attractions and Distance Calculations
Miramar is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Miramar
Distance from Miramar to Humewood
Roads Near Miramar
Roads / Streets in MiramarRoad Length
17th Avenue 816m
Abbey Road 302m
Aghulus Place 139m
Ashton Place 05m
Barrydale Road 44m
Biggar Street 193m
Bonnievale Place 133m
Buffelsfontein Road 1.07Km
Constance Road 1.195Km
Frank Wagner Street 214m
Godlonton Street 708m
Hockley Street 523m
Isobel Avenue 353m
Jeffrey Road 885m
Kirkman Street 191m
Klipdale Place 096m
Knights Bridge Street 184m
Monavale Place 058m
Piccadilly Street 251m
S R Lucy Maher Street 449m
Sauton Road 522m
Sibelius Street 1.064Km
Silverdrift Street 312m
St Michaels Street 139m
Stratford Close 134m
Thakwray Avenue 367m
Walter Road 1.117Km
Wilmore Crescent 276m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Miramar and their distance from Miramar
Banks in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-33.981065425.5559909
Chemists in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in MiramarLatitude Longitude
NuMetro Walmer Park-33.980427825.5581279
Guest Houses in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Norfolk Pines-33.999059525.5524337
Hotels in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Kings Urban Hip Hotels-33.992281425.5586298
Post Offices in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Fig Tree-33.980016125.5521661
Restaurants in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Cape Town Fishmarket PE-33.992006225.5560337
Dining At Avalon-33.996379225.5600826
Bushcamp Restaurant-34.005910125.5486700
Ocaen Basket-33.980007125.5523377
Spur (Charlo)-33.980030925.5528160
Schools in MiramarLatitude Longitude
Charlo Primary School-33.985569925.5387499
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