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Milnerton Attractions and Distance Calculations
Milnerton is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Milnerton
Distance from Milnerton to Baxter Theatre Centre
Distance from Milnerton to Beach Road
Distance from Milnerton to Bellville
Distance from Milnerton to Bloubergstrand
Distance from Milnerton to Hout Bay
Distance from Milnerton to Sea Point Promenade
Distance from Milnerton to Waterfront
Distance from Milnerton to Woodstock
Roads Near Milnerton
Roads / Streets in MilnertonRoad Length
Aerial Road 262m
Alamein Road 693m
Arum Road 163m
Ascot Road 1.294Km
Begonia Road 338m
Benghazi Road 1m
Bosmansdam Road 1.091Km
Broad Road 686m
Cotswold Drive 177m
Crassula Road 673m
Daniel Road 221m
Essam Road 093m
Gazala Road 1m
Graaf Avenue 1.518Km
Helwan Road 08m
Kildare Road 153m
Koeberg Road 1.769Km
Koeberg Service Road 1.333Km
Langerman Avenue 1.85Km
Link Road 044m
Loxton Road 437m
Mansfield Road 15m
Marais Street 178m
Millvale Road 332m
Mitford Road 155m
Noble Road 489m
Norwood Road 336m
Oceanus Way 174m
Orchard Road 39m
Otto Du Plessis Drive 1.299Km
Peddie Road 337m
Pienaar Road 2.24Km
Platinum Road 153m
Quest Road 337m
Redlands Road 42m
Riverside Drive 621m
Robin Road 085m
Sanctuary Close 105m
School Street 094m
Sheldon Road 337m
Tulbagh Road 337m
Uno Road 081m
Uplands Road 335m
Vaal Road 337m
Weenen Road 339m
West Coast Busway 1.665Km
Westwind Road 066m
Yarrow Road 334m
Zastron Road 359m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Milnerton and their distance from Milnerton
Bus Stations in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Woodbridge Island-33.883190918.4913202
Links View-33.871929218.4954520
Cafes in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caffe-33.893188218.5061737
Car Rentals in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Chemists in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Nu Metro-33.892932218.5102009
Guest Houses in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Ratanga Lodge Guest House-33.881481018.5116107
Hotels in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Formule 1-33.871643918.5050183
Mellingtons Lodge-33.880707118.5115875
Protea Hotel Colosseum-33.893508818.5063079
Protea Hotel Island Club-33.892118618.5090279
Librarys in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Public Library-33.868197118.4979210
Lighthouses in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Lighthouse-33.881714318.4877830
Nursery Schools in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Tiny Bubbles Play School-33.880479818.5053000
Petrol Stations in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Caltex Midmar-33.872120618.5045424
Place of Worships in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Baptist Church-33.885552718.5077341
Police Stations in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Police Station-33.875565118.5018071
post_boxs in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Waterstone East Post Box-33.885638118.5147669
Pubs in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Sables Bar & Bistro-33.880362318.5045505
Time Square Cafe-33.893404018.5059967
Restaurants in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Utah Spur-33.881379618.5097784
Wang Thai-33.891273918.4834891
Mama Roma-33.893676118.5063235
Cape Town Fish Market-33.892199218.5103876
Mexico Spur-33.892612618.5099318
Taiwan City-33.893800918.5091885
Primi Piatti-33.893645718.5095294
Cattle Baron-33.893823218.5093109
Schools in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Seamount Primary School-33.868499218.5023669
Abbotts College Milnerton-33.869373018.5052424
Take Aways in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Pizza Piazza-33.881159518.5086732
Tong Lok-33.892654618.5100883
Canal Wok-33.892801818.5102989
Calamari King-33.892869718.5104038
Townhalls in MilnertonLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Civic Centre-33.869308818.4979038
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