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Milner Estate Attractions and Distance Calculations
Milner Estate is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Milner Estate
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 807 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 755 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 884 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 458 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 459 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 889 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 561 Km
Direct Distance from Milner Estate to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1023 Km
Roads Near Milner Estate
Roads / Streets in Milner EstateRoad Length
Belgravia Road 446m
Brill Street 385m
Connaught Avenue 409m
Dawson Road 715m
Elton Road 612m
Evans Road 611m
Falmouth Road 248m
Grange Road 244m
Hendon Road 152m
Kimberley Road 984m
King Street 1.056Km
Lambart Road 297m
Moir Street 153m
Oxford Street 1.481Km
Reservoir Road 433m
Saint Andrews Street 563m
Saint Johns Road 55m
Saint Marks Street 1.028Km
Saint Michaels Road 192m
Scott Road 593m
Shackleton Road 196m
St Lukes Road 3m
St Matthews Road 3m
St. Patricks Road 183m
Union Avenue 1.682Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Milner Estate and their distance from Milner Estate
Art Gallerys in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Anne Bryant Art Gallery-33.000408227.8977935
Banks in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Bidvest Bank-32.983845927.9024069
Chemists in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Link Berea Pharmacy-32.993621627.9124410
Vincent Family Pharmacy-32.983629727.9041882
Cinemas in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Clinics in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Medicross East London-32.993500127.9072536
Pefferville Clinic-33.012351927.8806727
Colleges in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
East London FET College-32.996009727.8995102
Hospitals in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Frere Hospital-32.996139427.8917649
Saint Dominics Hospital-32.998635627.9030487
Saint Marks Hospital-32.996500227.9036520
Hotels in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Road Lodge-32.990545927.8929293
Memorials in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
The Cenotaph East London-32.997525227.8980424
Museums in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
East London Museum-32.995270227.8973965
Petrol Stations in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
222 Service Station-32.995875027.9030621
BP Buffalo Street-33.012617227.9015523
BP Berea EL-32.993014227.9113198
Place of Worships in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
First City Baptist Church-33.007172627.9006837
Berea Baptist Church-32.990663027.9093662
Police Stations in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Braelynn Police Station-33.005581427.8881920
Post Offices in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Vincent Post Office-32.983854927.9026161
Restaurants in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Silver Eagle Spur-32.993702627.9101772
Cafe Avanti-32.983567027.9033242
Ocean Basket-32.983661527.9035659
Schools in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Clarendon Girls Primary-32.997311427.8917744
Clarendon Girls High-32.994825427.8958205
Arcadia Special School-33.004230827.8954544
St. Johns Road Primary-33.009452627.8963207
Laerskool Grens-33.006408227.9028788
Sinovuyo School-33.008662927.8875259
Selborne Primary-32.988683127.9002142
Pefferville Primary-33.008181627.8834069
Masakhe Primary School-33.008190627.8804028
College Street Primary-33.015300627.9000163
Laerskool Parkside-33.013377927.8827160
Hoerskool Grens-33.000872427.9147769
John Bisseker High School-33.014879727.8832782
Stations in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-32.992969427.9102681
Theatres in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Guild Theatre-32.994706127.8971217
The Arts Theatre-33.008186927.9032462
Veterinarians in Milner EstateLatitude Longitude
Berea Veterinary Clinic-32.992049127.9096076
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