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Mfuleni Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mfuleni is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mfuleni
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1296 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1249 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1251 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 636 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 897 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1518 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 822 Km
Direct Distance from Mfuleni to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1534 Km
Roads Near Mfuleni
Roads / Streets in MfuleniRoad Length
Church Street 526m
E Qhamgana Street 16m
F Dodovu Street 322m
F Maxakatha Street 35m
Forest Drive 3.221Km
I Jacobs Street 413m
Icelu Close 055m
Igqaza Street 052m
Ihem Street 765m
Ihobe Close 243m
Ihobohobo Street 264m
Impangele Street 212m
Inciniba Street 1.239Km
Indwe Close 299m
Ingqabe Street 576m
Ingwamza Street 383m
Ingxangxosi Crescent 844m
Inkonjane Street 194m
Inkwili Street 106m
Inqilo Street 419m
Intambanane Close 057m
Irozi Street 294m
Isikrokro Street 106m
Isikuova Street 204m
Ivukuthu Street 083m
Ixhalanga Street 527m
Izuba Street 09m
K Siko Street 4m
Khwezi Avenue 016m
Lerato Ponoane Street 836m
Lukhanyo Street 562m
Luyolo Street 327m
M Baba Street 901m
M Ceshemba Street 671m
M Xhinti Street 369m
Main Road 765m
Main Road Close 253m
Mbane Street 273m
Mbindini Avenue 212m
Mfuleni Road 633m
Mjikeliso Crescent 218m
Mvumvu Street 402m
Myezo Crescent 253m
N Hoboshe Street 3m
N Mgogoshe Street 151m
Naledi Crescent 774m
Nkholo Crescent 73m
Nkholo Street 317m
No Name Street 084m
Nobuhle Way 342m
Ntshangase Street 154m
Old Faure Road 4.257Km
P Ndleko Street 34m
S Jama Street 049m
S Lindi Street 209m
School Street 573m
Sikade Street 144m
Siphelo Close 097m
Sitiya Crescent 367m
Sizakhele Crescent 645m
Spine Road 1.583Km
Station Street 4m
T Jaxa Street 389m
T Mfelane Street 554m
T Mlanjeni Street 435m
T Tokwana Street 368m
Temba Crescent 445m
Tembalethu Street 312m
Thurtle Street 161m
Ubhobhoyi Street 215m
Ugaga Street 449m
Ugwidi Street 2m
Ukhetshe Close 042m
Ukhozi Street 159m
Ulunthu Street 396m
Umcelu Street 336m
Umlonj Close 076m
Umswi Street 319m
Ungqobe Street 553m
Unocofu Street 106m
Untloyiya Street 162m
Urha Street 257m
Uthekwane Street 172m
Uxomoyi Street 181m
W Thafeni Street 985m
Z Mafuna Street 227m
Zibeleni Place 232m
Zingiza Place 109m
Ziqhamo Avenue 422m
Zola Crescent 378m
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