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McGregor Attractions and Distance Calculations
McGregor is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from McGregor
Distance from McGregor to Montagu
Distance from McGregor to Piketberg
Distance from Mcgregor to The Woodmill Lifestyle Centre
Distance from McGregor to Tulbagh
Roads Near McGregor
Roads / Streets in McGregorRoad Length
Barry 497m
Bre?½ 649m
Buitekant 1.115Km
Cemetery 278m
Darling 663m
Grewe 505m
Kantoor 605m
Keerom 33m
Kerk 72m
Kings River Road 13.582Km
Long 1.716Km
Loop 598m
Meul 1.483Km
Plein 48m
Shortcut 3.46Km
Smith 517m
Tindall 618m
Van Reenen 736m
Voortrekker 1.661Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in McGregor and their distance from McGregor
Cafes in McGregorLatitude Longitude
La Vive-33.944802419.8317393
Guest Houses in McGregorLatitude Longitude
Lady McGregor Guest House-33.946039719.8303213
McGregor Country Cottages-33.943581319.8324463
Information Centres in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor Tourism-33.948315919.8275569
Librarys in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor Library-33.948029819.8293345
Petrol Stations in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor Filling Station-33.945514219.8308149
Place of Worships in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor NG Kerk-33.949129419.8274842
McGregor Methodist Church-33.948680519.8302556
Police Stations in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor SAPS-33.946312519.8296205
Post Offices in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor Postal Agency-33.945658219.8307642
Restaurants in McGregorLatitude Longitude
Deli Girls-33.946969519.8292890
Jack and Grape-33.945949719.8304172
Schools in McGregorLatitude Longitude
McGregor Waldorf School-33.945454819.8305299
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