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Matroosfontein Attractions and Distance Calculations
Matroosfontein is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Matroosfontein
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1298 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1251 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1258 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 646 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 901 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1522 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 824 Km
Direct Distance from Matroosfontein to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1536 Km
Roads Near Matroosfontein
Roads / Streets in MatroosfonteinRoad Length
35th Avenue 3.416Km
36th Avenue 245m
Aaron Way 32m
Adriaanse Avenue 803m
Alard Road 387m
Alma Road 189m
Appollo Street 147m
Baris Way 134m
Barlinka Place 252m
Beaconsfield Road 145m
Belvedere Circle 671m
Bishop Crescent 214m
Bishop Lavis Drive 124m
Bridge Road 197m
Carey Close 033m
Claasens Road 245m
Clarke Avenue 617m
Clarkes Place 041m
Commercial Road 65m
Concorde Street 223m
Dale Road 046m
Devi Road 105m
Drommedaris Crescent 101m
Dune Street 065m
Echo Road 172m
Edward Place 044m
Eighth Street 173m
Eleventh Street 204m
Field Close 045m
Fifth Street 171m
Flack Road 123m
Fortieth Avenue 141m
Fountain Road 576m
Frere Road 196m
Gearing Road 36m
Gladstone Road 503m
Glen Road 201m
Greenwood Street 264m
Helot Street 17m
Hermitage Street 15m
Holloway Road 443m
Howe Close 046m
Justin Road 076m
Kerner Road 214m
Koppiesdam Road 987m
Liederman Road 516m
Maitland Road 1.471Km
Mars Road 322m
May Road 405m
Meadow Close 07m
Melton Road 85m
Mozart Way 132m
Nero Link 073m
Ninth Street 245m
Oakdale Road 079m
Old Stellenbosch Road 1.008Km
Opal Way 31m
Owen Road 725m
Park Close 055m
Pearl Way 303m
Pottinger Road 08m
Queens Way 241m
Railway Avenue 367m
Rhenius Road 077m
Rhine Road 236m
Rose Way 303m
Royal Road 518m
Seboa Street 137m
Seventeenth Street 2m
Seventh Street 182m
Sidneyvale Street 233m
Silwood Way 241m
Sixth Street 182m
Smith Street 076m
St Alban Road 12m
St Bedes Way 112m
St Clair Road 099m
St Gotha Close 039m
Strauss Close 129m
Tafelberg Road 1.478Km
Tenth Street 195m
Third Street 147m
Thirteenth Street 237m
Trevor Way 304m
Twelfth Street 218m
Union Way 251m
Van Riebeek Road 225m
Venus Way 321m
Weldra Road 172m
Wembley Way 243m
West Road 118m
Xyris Way 309m
York Way 242m
Zenith Way 31m
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Police Stations in MatroosfonteinLatitude Longitude
Bishop Lavis SAPS-33.946444218.5725482
Stations in MatroosfonteinLatitude Longitude
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