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Marmic Attractions and Distance Calculations
Marmic is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Marmic
Direct Distance from Marmic to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 518 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 484 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1281 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 702 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 470 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 467 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 619 Km
Direct Distance from Marmic to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 660 Km
Roads Near Marmic
Roads / Streets in MarmicRoad Length
20143 Road 442m
20196 Street 397m
20262 Street 595m
20263 Street 316m
20264 Street 174m
20265 Street 134m
20266 Street 134m
20268 Street 071m
20269 Street 039m
20270 Street 05m
20271 Street 067m
20272 Street 059m
20273 Street 039m
20274 Street 059m
20275 Street 055m
20276 Street 053m
44153 Street 101m
44155 Street 2.382Km
600103 Street 209m
600104 Street 078m
600105 Street 082m
600106 Street 077m
600107 Street 047m
600108 Street 045m
600109 Street 493m
600110 Street 14m
600111 Street 079m
610204 Street 16m
610206 Street 484m
610207 Street 054m
610208 Street 076m
610209 Street 052m
610210 Street 058m
610212 Street 165m
610213 Street 088m
610214 Street 083m
610359 Street 034m
610360 Street 189m
610361 Street 07m
67130 Track 653m
Aloe Drive 498m
Aloe Road 1.007Km
Aster Road 402m
Balfour Lane 156m
Bean Road 163m
Bear Road 254m
Brickfield Road 083m
Bridgeford Drive 1.431Km
Buckingham Street 125m
Butternut Road 224m
Cabbage Street 049m
Cambridge Street 076m
Carrot Road 173m
Cat Road 056m
Celery Road 291m
Chameleon Road 086m
Charing Cross Lane 121m
Chillie Road 119m
Clover Road 166m
Colchester Cresent 1.002Km
Covent Gardens 229m
Cow Road 086m
Cucumber Road 104m
Daffodil Road 212m
Dandelion Road 065m
Fish Road 195m
Flower Road 139m
Frog Road 1.201Km
Gazzard Road 313m
Gemsbok Place 267m
Ginger Road 316m
Giraffe Road 057m
Goat Road 472m
Granadilla Road 166m
Greenfield Way 396m
Greentea Road 09m
Greenwood Close 947m
Heather Street 11m
Hippo Road 1.114Km
Ivy Street 665m
Jacaranda Avenue 967m
Kensington Close 137m
Knightsbridge Road 265m
Lettuce Road 481m
Lily Road 388m
Lion Road 103m
Lizard Road 044m
Mango Road 055m
Marrow Road 236m
Monkey Road 118m
Mountainblue Road 113m
Mouse Road 122m
Mushroom Road 187m
Onion Road 174m
Orchid Road 045m
Palm Road 114m
Park Lane 287m
Petunia Road 07m
Pig Road 07m
Pigeon Road 53m
Pinewood Road 442m
Potato Road 311m
Pricklepear Road 2.977Km
Primrose Drive 066m
Pumpkin Road 47m
Python Place 192m
Python Road 1.491Km
Queenspark Avenue 094m
Radish Street 046m
Rainbow Road 081m
Ramnanan Road 254m
Rose Road 078m
Sew Drive 45m
Shallot Road 23m
Snake Road 149m
Soccer Avenue 055m
Soccer Road 455m
Southridge Circle 091m
Spider Road 034m
Spinach Road 261m
Squash Road 076m
Sugarcane Road 169m
Sultan Road 064m
Sunbird Road 329m
Supar Road 115m
Turnip Road 335m
Violet Road 031m
Waterlily Road 325m
Zebra Road 032m
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