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Marburg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Marburg is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Marburg
Distance from Marburg to Kokstad
Roads Near Marburg
Roads / Streets in MarburgRoad Length
2nd Avenue 424m
3rd Avenue 153m
4th Avenue 081m
6th Avenue 086m
Acacia Road 469m
Brauteseth Road 339m
Buckingham Drive 621m
Carnation Drive 292m
Chelsea Road 114m
Commercial Drive 684m
Croton Road 587m
Dairy Road 1.245Km
Deep Vale Road 2.17Km
Fiddlewood Road 127m
Flamboyant Road 152m
Friesland Drive 827m
Glen Road 1.462Km
Heron Road 448m
Hibiscus Drive 345m
Howe Road 114m
Hudson Road 448m
Indus Road 313m
Industrial Road 56m
Jacaranda Avenue 309m
Jasmine Place 179m
Jupiter Road 286m
Kensington Place 096m
Kent Road 082m
Kings Circle 14m
Lind Road 895m
Moore Road 481m
Nelson Mandela Drive 3.638Km
Neptune Drive 159m
Nippon Crescent 499m
Ordinance Road 107m
Oscar Borchers Road 016m
Palm Road 335m
Pluto Road 066m
Protea Road 849m
Quality Street 348m
Saturn Drive 573m
Servus Road 206m
Short Street 394m
Syringa Road 572m
Torwood Crescent 513m
Tulip Place 275m
Uranus Road 302m
Venus Drive 1.371Km
Victory Road 35m
Willow Park Avenue 318m
Wimpey Crescent 1.087Km
Windsor Drive 273m
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