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Manenberg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Manenberg is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Manenberg
Distance from Manenberg to Bellville
Distance from Manenberg to Crawford
Distance from Manenberg to Parow
Roads Near Manenberg
Roads / Streets in ManenbergRoad Length
Aletta Walk 128m
Amandla Street 082m
Andile Jacobs Street 279m
Audrey Road 048m
Belinda Walk 302m
Beunda Road 133m
Cam Road 072m
Colleen Road 128m
Corrie Road 131m
Duinefontein Road 1.146Km
Erica Crescent 341m
Eva Walk 107m
First Avenue 906m
George Street 392m
Grieta Road 07m
Hilda Road 137m
Inga Road 149m
Isabel Road 135m
Japhta K Masemola Road 85m
Johanna Road 162m
Karen Road 07m
Khanya Crescent 431m
King Street 364m
Lettie Terrace 054m
Lettie Walk 07m
Lilian Nqoyi Street 323m
Lillian Walk 064m
M Kafi Street 821m
M Maqana Street 159m
Madge Road 07m
Magalies Road 306m
Manenberg Avenue 205m
Matilda Road 222m
Mkhanyisi Maphuma Street 1.575Km
Mnqanqeni Street 279m
Nellie Road 16m
Nkosiy Miza Street 184m
Nkqubela Street 174m
Nokwanda Close 078m
Nompumelelo Crescent 061m
NY 21 1.541Km
NY 3 2.953Km
NY 46 234m
NY 54 332m
NY 55 223m
NY 59 184m
NY 60 074m
NY 61 255m
NY 62 22m
Olga Road 069m
Ondine Close 067m
Pam Road 257m
Pecos Walk 346m
Pecos Weg 252m
Petra Walk 086m
Plate Road 228m
Ray Alexander Street 271m
Red River Crescent 146m
Red River Street 522m
Red River Walk 104m
Renoster Road Grande 394m
Renoster Walk 214m
Rhone Street 128m
Rhone Way 11m
Rio Grande Street 618m
Rio Grande Walk 3m
Sabie Place 025m
Sabie Road 551m
Sabie Walk 51m
Scheldt Street 326m
Scheldt Walk 405m
Second Avenue 927m
Seine Road 278m
Seine Walk 188m
Simon Seshea Street 327m
Spey Road 242m
Station Road 157m
Storms Rivier Walk 246m
Storms Rivier Way 285m
Swakop Weg 127m
Tagus Close 089m
Tagus Weg 418m
Tees Road 246m
Thames Lane 064m
Thames Walk 353m
The Downs Road 943m
Thembani Road 166m
Third Avenue 625m
Tiber Street 286m
Tugela Lane 058m
Tugela Street 651m
Usk Road 222m
Vistula Lane 058m
Vistula Road 802m
Vygekraal Lane 06m
Vygekraal Road 1.321Km
W Nzala Street 174m
Wabash Road 251m
Wye Lane 059m
Wye Road 664m
York Street 363m
Zak Street 239m
Zwartkops Road 326m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Manenberg and their distance from Manenberg
Police Stations in ManenbergLatitude Longitude
Guguletu SAPS-33.975164518.5632852
Stations in ManenbergLatitude Longitude
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