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Mandalay Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mandalay is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mandalay
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1300 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1256 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 640 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 901 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1522 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 826 Km
Direct Distance from Mandalay to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1538 Km
Roads Near Mandalay
Roads / Streets in MandalayRoad Length
Abelia Street 237m
Agapanthus Close 035m
Amandla Street 505m
Amarylus Road 037m
Anemone Close 038m
Anne Cresent 228m
Apollo Way 124m
Apple Close 133m
Astronaut Close 185m
Auber Avenue 978m
Auber Close 128m
Bambanani Street 169m
Bambayi Street 217m
Bantu Street 171m
Bauhinia Close 044m
Begonia Close 032m
Berzelia Close 032m
Bhere Crescent 546m
Bignonia Close 038m
Bluegum Place 083m
Bougainvilla Street 257m
Bower Street 55m
Brahms Circle 98m
Brink Crescent 275m
Britta Close 071m
C Makhwethu Crescent 436m
Camelia Street 042m
Cape Flats Freeway 2.457Km
Capital Drive 585m
Capital Place 241m
Chase Close 077m
Cherry Close 095m
Chibini Road 119m
Chicago Close 199m
Coates Street 437m
Columbia Way 133m
Comet Drive 292m
Cr 022m
Cypress Lane 205m
Dalia Street 046m
Debussy Crescent 646m
Dickens Drive 1.509Km
Durrell Street 258m
Dywabasini Road 144m
Eagle Street 227m
Eileen 022m
Elizabeth Crescent 203m
Elizabeth Street 377m
Enkululekweni Street 136m
Feljisi Road 174m
First Avenue 772m
Fourth Street 804m
Freedom Street 182m
Galaxy Crescent 53m
Gamtriya Road 155m
Geneva Street 232m
Giyogiyo Road 202m
Govan Mbeki Road 2.307Km
Gwangwa Road 138m
Halleys Street 06m
Hammer Road 233m
Heather Street 484m
Helena Close 034m
Hem Close 047m
Hermes Close 027m
Hermes Way 474m
Hillcrest Road 255m
Hlungulu Road 089m
Hobe Crescent 134m
Homer Road 059m
Hope Street 242m
Icaneshini Street 091m
Idada Avenue 1.318Km
Idaliya Street 195m
Ilili Avenue 123m
Impunzi Street 584m
Indlovu Street 098m
Indlulamthi Crescent 465m
Indwe Road 154m
Indwe Street 146m
Ingusa Crescent 411m
Ingwe Close 035m
Ingwe Street 216m
Inkxankxadi Crescent 373m
Innes Close 042m
Ipikoko Street 14m
Iprotiya Road 1m
Iqwara Street 43m
Irozi Street 099m
Ithekwana Road 14m
Ivuzi Crescent 238m
Ixia Place 066m
Jamie Way 173m
Japhta K Masemola Road 1.167Km
Jerome Avenue 364m
Jessica Street 154m
Jobela Road 346m
Jupiter Road 121m
Kent Road 333m
Khetshe Road 133m
Khozi Crescent 305m
Khumshile Crescent 345m
Kipling Avenue 1.233Km
Kiyane Crescent 378m
Kuils River Freeway 5.766Km
Kukhanya Crescent 244m
Kuyasa Crescent 146m
Kwalimanzi Walk 119m
Kwanele Street 208m
Kwezi Road 295m
Kwindla Street 238m
Lara Close 109m
Leipoldt Way 372m
Lennon Road 235m
Limpopo Street 235m
Lindani Crescent 193m
Lonwabo Street 204m
Louw Way 123m
Lunar Crescent 477m
Luvuyo Drive 687m
Luzuko Drive 285m
Lwandle Road 14m
Mahobe Circle 473m
Manzini Walk 474m
Maphongwana Avenue 928m
Mars Way 059m
Masakhane Crescent 258m
Masibambane Crescent 483m
Masiphathisane Crescent 361m
Masitembane Crescent 566m
Masizakhe Street 168m
Mayibuye Street 076m
Mbangandlala Crescent 326m
Mbekweni Street 398m
Mchana Road 138m
Mendelson Road 461m
Mendi Close 07m
Meteor Road 096m
Metlane Close 036m
Michelle Avenue 161m
Milky Way 167m
Mlambo Street 417m
Mlanjeni Close 119m
Mlonji Street 12m
Mnenge Crescent 336m
Mnyama Street 115m
Mokoba Street 207m
Montclair Drive 1.069Km
Moondust Walk 715m
Morning Star Drive 758m
Mpayina Walk 025m
Mpilo Street 125m
Mqandane Walk 05m
Mquma Road 372m
Msimbithi Road 089m
Mthathi Road 138m
Mthombe Street 184m
Mthonjeni Street 149m
Mthuma Street 312m
Mzamomhle Street 179m
Mzoxolo Crescent 252m
Ndingo Street 126m
Ndongeni Crescent 302m
Nduna Road 208m
Ngcingci Crescent 06m
Ngcingci Walk 155m
Ngonyama Street 172m
Ngqungqulu Road 394m
Ngulube Road 159m
Ngwenya Street 143m
Ngwenye Crescent 325m
Ngzangxosi Road 104m
Njabulo Street 922m
Njongo Avenue 1.116Km
Nkonjana Street 116m
Nkonjane Crescent 061m
Nkonjane Street 479m
Nkonjane Walk 139m
Nkosazana Street 123m
Nobiya Road 089m
Nolubabalo Street 292m
Nongwingwi Crescent 061m
Ntabetafile Crescent 191m
Ntlanganiso Crescent 24m
Ntlolokotsheni Road 138m
Nyamakazi Street 121m
Nyathi Street 058m
Nyebelele Street 787m
Old Faure Road 2.902Km
Opperman Street 412m
Orange Crescent 249m
Orion Road 068m
Oswell Road 155m
Packer Street 578m
Pampiri Road 086m
Park Road 735m
Peach Close 065m
Pear Circle 302m
Phezukomkhono Road 263m
Pholani Street 184m
Pine Road 154m
Plum Crescent 437m
Pluto Lane 081m
Poplar Crescent 36m
Primrose Street 66m
Qamba Crescent 436m
Rhanisi Road 089m
Robben Island Avenue 152m
Rocket Lane 061m
Rose Street 188m
Ryan Way 888m
Sagwityi Crescent 06m
Sagwityi Walk 139m
Sakhwatsha Street 18m
Samantha Street 848m
Sangoma Street 434m
Satelite Drive 256m
Saturn Crescent 83m
Sierra Close 034m
Sierra Way 255m
Sikhulule Crescent 329m
Simon Place 148m
Siphingwa Road 126m
Siphumelele Crescent 246m
Siyakha Street 237m
Siyazama Crescent 579m
Skhova Street 096m
Skotsholo Street 153m
Smal Close 054m
Solomon Tshuku Avenue 1.13Km
Solstice Road 093m
Songelwa Street 046m
Sonto Street 136m
Southern Cross Avenue 187m
Spanner Crescent 684m
Starlight Walk 13m
Summer Crescent 194m
Summer Place 295m
Sun Close 051m
Sundu Road 152m
Sunrise Close 077m
Swartklip Road 3.362Km
Swityi Crescent 06m
Swityi Walk 14m
Tangana Avenue 154m
Tennyson Street 51m
Third Street 491m
Tiger Street 203m
Tremaine Close 177m
Tugela Avenue 22m
Tungwana Avenue 528m
Tungwana Street 043m
Ubuntu Crescent 331m
Umsi Road 089m
Vala Street 077m
Venter Street 725m
Verdi Close 03m
Vukani Street 792m
Wagner Close 042m
Washington Street 138m
Xola Street 233m
Yakhani Street 193m
Yengeni Crescent 346m
Zakheni Street 184m
Zamani Street 226m
Zola Street 033m
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