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Mamre Attractions and Distance Calculations
Mamre is a village in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Mamre
Distance from Mamre to Bridgetown
Distance from Mamre to Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
Distance from Mamre to Kuils River
Distance from Mamre to Oakdale Klub
Roads Near Mamre
Roads / Streets in MamreRoad Length
Adam Pick Lane 052m
Adam Street 301m
Adonis Street 124m
Afrikaner Street 365m
Akkerboom Avenue 788m
Alpha Crescent 081m
Alwyn Street 076m
Amandel Lane 149m
Amos Comenuis Street 275m
Bauhinia Crescent 368m
Bishop Mark Street 293m
Blackwood Street 108m
Braambos Lane 24m
Cassia End Crescent 053m
Clarkeson Street 404m
Crown Lane 251m
Dassenberg Road 3.481Km
Denne Crescent 594m
Dias Street 719m
Dove Lane 277m
Druiwe Lane 301m
Elim Street 13m
Enon Street 1.348Km
Erica Street 231m
Ficus Street 167m
Frans Street 1.133Km
Gardenia Street 346m
Genadendal Street 375m
Goedverwacht Street 564m
Gousblom Avenue 343m
Groenkloof Street 263m
Halbeck Street 334m
Hardenberg Street 182m
Henning Huizen Street 399m
Hibuscus Crescent 468m
Jakaranda Street 337m
Jan Hugo Kupper Street 038m
Johannes Street 336m
Jonas Street 066m
Kaap Street 624m
Kerk Street 377m
Khorhamer Street 63m
Klinker Street 909m
Korporasie Street 101m
Kort Straat 558m
Kunick Street 229m
Lang Avenue 1.108Km
Lang Laan 153m
Lavender Crescent 473m
Lelie Lane 113m
Liedeman Street 503m
Lord Caledon Street 45m
Lord Somerset Street 451m
Louwskloof 772m
Main Road 1.416Km
Manna Lane 667m
Moravia Street 452m
Olyf Lane 712m
P M Louw Street 076m
Palm Lane 71m
Paradise Lane 865m
Poiet Street 812m
Poskantoor Square 083m
Sand Street 575m
Silwerstroom-Mamre 854m
Skool Street 109m
Thorn Lane 689m
Tol Street 202m
Van Aard Street 105m
Winkler Street 183m
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