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Malukazi Attractions and Distance Calculations
Malukazi is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Malukazi
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 541 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 505 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 667 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 461 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 503 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 611 Km
Direct Distance from Malukazi to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 692 Km
Roads Near Malukazi
Roads / Streets in MalukaziRoad Length
1 Road 994m
107164 Street 254m
107166 Street 067m
107167 Road 125m
107170 Street 104m
107172 Street 066m
107176 Ext Road 095m
107181 Street 16m
107183 Street 229m
107248 Street 253m
107249 Street 514m
107467 Street 19m
107744 Street 224m
107938 Street 1.112Km
107939 Street 43m
107940 Street 233m
107941 Street 094m
107942 Street 126m
107943 Street 303m
107944 Road 305m
107945 Street 108m
107958 Street 049m
107959 Street 046m
107960 Street 262m
107961 Road 553m
107962 Street 16m
107963 Road 277m
107964 Street 236m
107965 Street 289m
107966 Street 311m
107967 Road 135m
107968 Street 181m
107969 Street 525m
107970 Street 093m
107971 Road 245m
107972 Street 072m
107973 Street 092m
107974 Street 102m
107975 Street 069m
107976 Road 076m
107980 Street 188m
107981 Street 121m
107982 Road 589m
107983 Road 701m
107984 Road 509m
107985 Street 47m
107986 Street 145m
107988 Street 223m
108016 Street 128m
108042 Road 288m
108042 Street 903m
108044 Street 077m
108341 Street 209m
109409 Street 169m
109411 Street 064m
109412 Street 449m
109413 Street 105m
109414 Street 279m
109415 Street 054m
109416 Street 128m
109440 Street 087m
109455 Street 138m
109456 Street 314m
109457 Street 344m
109458 Street 094m
109459 Street 11m
109460 Street 256m
109463 Street 106m
109464 Street 064m
121301 Street 402m
121748 Street 042m
122203 Street 035m
122204 Street 032m
122205 Street 086m
122206 Street 155m
122207 Street 129m
122208 Street 026m
122215 Street 055m
122216 Street 465m
122217 Street 183m
122218 Street 041m
122219 Street 096m
122220 Street 041m
1641 Street 093m
2 Road 738m
3 Road 679m
4 Road 309m
5 Road 913m
510024 Street 133m
510029 Track 346m
510130 Street 255m
510138 Street 801m
7 Road 694m
Amadlebe Place 091m
Amakhosi Walk 06m
Amathonsi Grove 306m
Aphula Place 176m
Asihlenge Place 163m
Baluleka Close 104m
Balungile Grove 361m
Banana Road 614m
Bayajabula Close 054m
Bhekumuzi Avenue 305m
Bhubhubhu Road 402m
Cat Walk 149m
Cola Place 113m
Cosmas Walk 061m
Cwaka Avenue 681m
Cwebile Place 265m
Ebhubesini Walk 113m
Echwebeni Avenue 985m
Ekwandeni Place 066m
Emaromeni Lane 133m
Enyosini Place 829m
Ezipokini Avenue 416m
Ezipokini Close 197m
Falcon Way 17m
Gumtree Cresent 708m
Hlangabeza Place 067m
How Long Place 171m
Ibuya Place 111m
Ichweba Close 095m
Igagasi Avenue 46m
Igwalagwala Grove 376m
Ijongosi Close 103m
Imbokodo Lane 173m
Imnandi Walk 12m
Indoni Close 167m
Induna Place 118m
Ingilosi Close 301m
Ingwavuma Road 236m
Inhlansi Walk 162m
Inkanyezi Close 152m
Inkundla Place 206m
Inqawe Crl 1.236Km
Insingizi Place 143m
Intibane Close 222m
Intuthane Walk 154m
Iphupho Grove 111m
Iqhikiza Place 062m
Isibusiso Walk 057m
Isihe Lane 127m
Isipingo Grove 525m
Ithambo Avenue 902m
Itshitshi Avenue 846m
Izimbokodo Drive 1.236Km
Izinyathi Lane 194m
Jikijolo Road 244m
Joseph Ngubane Place 134m
Khalandoda Grove 209m
Khoneni Close 186m
Khonto Crl 2.145Km
Khulumani Grove 078m
Khuthaza Place 303m
Khuzwayo Lane 161m
Koseveni Place 377m
Kotapheya Lane 204m
Kubusiwe Place 384m
Kuthule Lane 092m
Kuyahlelwa Close 085m
Kuyakhanya Avenue 781m
Kuyavukwa Place 101m
Kwazuke Close 072m
Kwelenyoni Place 123m
Kwezincane Crl 1.065Km
Lekelela Avenue 554m
Lovers Avenue 24m
Mabhakabhaka Walk 059m
Magilebhisi Place 149m
Makhasana Place 123m
Malizwenda Road 465m
Malukazi Drive 1.05Km
Malusi Cele Avenue 727m
Mamnjonjo Place 182m
Mamthombeni Close 389m
Manzamnandi Avenue 733m
Maqumbane Lane 353m
Masethole Close 197m
Mashimane Avenue 344m
Masibambane Avenue 221m
Masihlangane Lane 612m
Masimbonge Drive 962m
Masizama Way 249m
Maurice Gumede Drive 2.257Km
Maviyo Road 812m
Mbalenhle Place 241m
Mbaliyezwe Close 268m
Mbomvu Lane 142m
Meyiwa Avenue 987m
Mganisi Walk 119m
Mganu Road 093m
Mgwenya Road 381m
Mkhathali Drive 729m
Mkhiwane Street 82m
Mkhuhlu Street 197m
Mnganga Walk 651m
Mnyezane Street 108m
Mpilonhle Place 383m
Msilinga Street 603m
Mthombo Road 411m
Mthunduluka Road 126m
Muntuwenkosi Lane 569m
Mvuthuza Road 236m
Mxolisi Place 506m
Mzomani Grove 382m
Mzungulu Street 293m
Mzwandile Close 158m
Mzwandile Way 232m
Ndlovukazi Walk 123m
Nhlanhla Cele Place 202m
Nkinsela Grove 164m
Nkundleni Grove 216m
Nsizwana Place 14m
Ntando Avenue 573m
Ntshebeyembuzi Drive 754m
Nzuzo Close 367m
Okumhlophe Grove 325m
Olintshi Way 108m
Ophikweni Place 179m
Phahla Street 384m
Philani Walk 061m
Phukude Close 204m
Phuthumani Avenue 974m
Principal Avenue 484m
Pule Mkhize Place 111m
Sakwenza Walk 418m
Schoeman Lane 124m
Scuthe Walk 355m
Season Crl 6m
Sgananda Avenue 378m
Sge Lane 144m
Sge Mbambo Avenue 451m
Shikisha Walk 067m
Sidelile Place 092m
Silwanendlala Grove 832m
Simalane Drive 512m
Singcono Way 367m
Sivukile Close 062m
Sonke Walk 075m
South Spinal Road 4.595Km
Sphithiphithi Walk 113m
Sqwayi Close 109m
Sweety Lane 121m
Telele Close 093m
Thamela Crl 1.115Km
Thubalethu Place 113m
Thubelihle Close 112m
Ubusobuhle Walk 294m
Udengezi Lane 223m
Ugagane Street 129m
Uhlanga Close 092m
Ukuzimela Close 199m
Umshini Place 347m
Unomusa Place 323m
Uqalo Close 075m
Uqhume Road 282m
Valentine Close 076m
Vu Mgobhozi Avenue 371m
Vusi Gxabhashe Place 182m
Watela Road 168m
White House Place 16m
Yellow Grove 4m
Zwide Grove 161m
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