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Maitland Attractions and Distance Calculations
Maitland is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Maitland
Distance from Maitland to Bellville South
Distance from Maitland to Darling
Distance from Maitland to D`urbanvale
Distance from Maitland to Eerste River
Distance from Maitland to Tokai
Roads Near Maitland
Roads / Streets in MaitlandRoad Length
Ainsdale Street 041m
Amstel Road 024m
Blaauwberg Street 195m
Blair Street 13m
Bodmin Street 535m
Burton Street 13m
Camden Street 262m
Carlisle Street 129m
Chatham Street 126m
Colin Street 131m
Coronation Street 1.072Km
De Mist Street 189m
Diaz Street 119m
Dublin Street 041m
Eighth Street 843m
Essex Street 261m
Fairbairn Street 116m
Fifth Street 591m
First Avenue 403m
Fourth Street 56m
Gold Street 978m
Highclaire Street 193m
Janssens Road 471m
Kensington Road 309m
Kent Street 129m
Koeberg Road 271m
Langham Street 224m
Lawrence Street 049m
Long Street 201m
Loop Street 17m
Melon Street 155m
Miramonte Street 132m
Mowbray Road 127m
Ninth Street 79m
Norfolk Street 199m
Norway Street 126m
Oxford Street 128m
Patton Street 259m
Platinum Street 444m
Prestige Drive 604m
Ross Street 067m
Royal Road 75m
Ruspers Street 183m
Second Avenue 325m
Section Road 734m
Seventh Street 074m
Silver Street 109m
Sixth Street 679m
Spencer Street 183m
St. Annes Street 127m
St. Benes Street 128m
Station Road 21m
Steen Street 29m
Suffolk Street 212m
Tenth Street 741m
Third Avenue 06m
Third Street 162m
Van de Leur Street 052m
Van Wyk Street 064m
Voortrekker Road 192m
William Street 092m
Ysterplaat Street 245m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Maitland and their distance from Maitland
Petrol Stations in MaitlandLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in MaitlandLatitude Longitude
Pinelands SAPS-33.926176418.5011750
Restaurants in MaitlandLatitude Longitude
Cincinnati Spur-33.933043218.5103681
Schools in MaitlandLatitude Longitude
Hidayatul Islam College-33.914611718.4976753
Gaia Waldorf School-33.938745718.4894268
Stations in MaitlandLatitude Longitude
Koeberg Road-33.925660518.4788538
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