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Louwville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Louwville is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Louwville
Direct Distance from Louwville to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1266 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1223 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1280 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 712 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 888 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1505 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 793 Km
Direct Distance from Louwville to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1500 Km
Roads Near Louwville
Roads / Streets in LouwvilleRoad Length
Aalwyn Street 337m
Aandblom Street 231m
Abattoir 134m
Abrahams 526m
Akasia Street 177m
Anemone Street 357m
Angelier 269m
Arend Street 111m
Arum Cresent 218m
Asalea Street 125m
Aster Street 188m
Begonia 28m
Bitumen 127m
Bluebell Avenue 27m
Boronia Street 36m
Bougainvilla 193m
Brak 036m
Canola Street 161m
Chroom 254m
Cosmos 063m
Cosmos Street 217m
Cubenco Close 259m
Diamant Street 212m
Dryandra Street 35m
Duif Street 409m
Erica Street 1.43Km
Farmer Street 195m
Filtane Street 147m
Fiskaal Street 076m
Gamka 053m
Gars Street 16m
Gips Street 14m
Gold 198m
Gold Street 326m
Gousblom Street 442m
Gqeba Street 2m
Hadeda Street 081m
Hawer Street 413m
Heuningklip Road 13m
Industria Street 144m
Iris Street 065m
Ivy Street 048m
Jasmyn Street 407m
Jonga Street 354m
Kanna Street 662m
Kanzi Street 16m
Kooitjieskloof 617m
Kooitjieskloof Street 494m
Koper Street 233m
Kunene 671m
Kwik 252m
Langstertjie Street 324m
Lepelaar Street 077m
Lewerik Street 087m
Liesbeeck 053m
Link Street 047m
Londt Street 244m
Lood 305m
Lotus Avenue 279m
Louw Street 595m
Lupine Street 852m
Lyster Street 616m
Magnolia Street 078m
Makou Street 162m
Malva Street 278m
Mangaan Street 28m
Maraboe Street 096m
Marigold Street 196m
Mbanze Street 229m
Melba Street 256m
Mika Street 328m
Moodaley Street 051m
Mossie 075m
Nackerdien 297m
Nackerdien Avenue 42m
Nikkel Street 379m
Ntepang Close 042m
Ntepang Street 218m
Nyezi Street 051m
Olifant 111m
Orchid Street 129m
Petrus Meyer Drive 537m
Petunia Street 585m
Primrose Cresent 43m
Proses Street 364m
Saartjie Baartman Street 406m
Senegal 089m
Silver Cresent 282m
Skakel Street 246m
Southern Bypass Street 1.473Km
Spruit 292m
Stoffels Street 075m
Straat 061m
Strandloper Street 341m
Suikerbekkie Street 158m
Suikerbos Avenue 1.016Km
Swawel Street 064m
Swempie Street 261m
Tin 081m
Tinktinkie Street 214m
Tiptol Street 223m
Toermalyn 508m
Tolbadi Street 147m
Tr02102 Road 4.425Km
Troupand Street 279m
Tulium 071m
Uitspan Street 569m
Uraan 178m
Van Dyk Street 21m
Venfolo Street 071m
Vilette Street 234m
Vink Street 06m
Viola Street 064m
Vygie Street 168m
Watsonia Street 621m
Wilger 271m
Wisteria Street 094m
Yster Street 225m
Zenza 053m
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