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Lotus River Attractions and Distance Calculations
Lotus River is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Lotus River
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1310 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1263 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1267 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 650 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 911 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1533 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 835 Km
Direct Distance from Lotus River to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1548 Km
Roads Near Lotus River
Roads / Streets in Lotus RiverRoad Length
Amden Close 225m
Antelope Road 29m
Avocet Road 41m
Barbel Road 204m
Bayswater Road 159m
Beatrice Close 044m
Bittern Link 159m
Blesbok Avenue 602m
Bluegill Close 037m
Bontebok Weg 236m
Bosbok Weg 481m
Bottom Road 193m
Brandon Close 046m
Buck Road 2.213Km
Buzzard Road 328m
Cara-Cara Road 172m
Crake Close 098m
Curlew Close 072m
Curlew Way 625m
Cypress Avenue 222m
Dale Close 043m
Dandelion Way 24m
Darter Crescent 215m
Davenport Road 222m
Derek Road 326m
Dikkop Road 092m
Duiker Avenue 218m
Eight Avenue 667m
Eland Avenue 393m
Eleventh Avenue 1.201Km
Farm Field Road 299m
Ferndale Road 159m
First Avenue 1.107Km
Fishermans Walk 751m
Flamingo Way 399m
Fourth Avenue 293m
Gallinule Close 091m
Gannet Link 08m
Gazelle Close 112m
Gemsbok Laan 473m
Goose Road 239m
Greenshank Close 037m
Grysbok Road 157m
Hanekam Road 276m
Harrier Road 121m
Hawthorne Road 077m
Henley Road 635m
Impala Close 106m
Jacana Lane 23m
Kaneelblom Street 123m
Kent Road 055m
Klip Road 1.332Km
Kudu Avenue 534m
Kurper Close 038m
Lake Road 259m
Last Road 11m
Lavender Place 079m
Lotus Road 317m
Madison Lane 056m
Merlin Road 264m
Middle Avenue 1.54Km
Mistletoe Road 258m
Moorhen Road 147m
Nineth Avenue 355m
Norman Close 067m
Nyala Road 235m
Olieboom Road 2.434Km
Oribi Avenue 288m
Ostrich Road 06m
Partridge Road 346m
Peacock Road 075m
Penguin Crescent 276m
Perivale Road 14m
Phillip Road 075m
Pine Street 059m
Prinia Close 116m
Rainbow Street 214m
Raymond Circle 557m
Redshank Close 036m
Reindeer Close 136m
Rietbok Avenue 342m
Rita Street 189m
Riverside Road 792m
Roan Road 232m
Robert Road 086m
Rockford Road 286m
Rod Close 133m
Rod Walk 13m
Sable Road 449m
Salmon Road 058m
Schaap Kraal Road 2.504Km
Schaap Road 3.006Km
Second Avenue 1.123Km
Seventh Avenue 1.222Km
Shoveller Way 306m
Siljeur Close 045m
Sixth Avenue 1.114Km
Sonnedou Road 235m
Sorrel Way 519m
Sparrowhawk Road 244m
Spoonbill Close 036m
Spoonbill Crescent 273m
Stanley Road 182m
Steenbok Road 157m
Stella Way 195m
Stephen Road 881m
Sterretjie Road 255m
Strandfontein Road 4.629Km
Sunbird Link 057m
Sundew Road 297m
Swallow Road 162m
Tenth Avenue 355m
Thirteenth Avenue 356m
Thomas Singel 314m
Thrid Avenue 394m
Trout Close 038m
Tsessebe Road 318m
Turkey Road 083m
Twelfth Avenue 357m
Vincent Close 031m
Vulture Road 108m
Vygie Place 08m
Warbler Road 157m
Waterford Road 453m
Weaver Way 193m
Whimbrell Way 313m
Wildebees Road 317m
Woodville Road 548m
Yawl Road 066m
Zeekoe Road 1.582Km
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